Five Beginner Sewing Patterns For Knits

Are you new to sewing? Or maybe new to sewing with KNITS and are wanting to give it a whirl?! I'm going to provide you with some good beginner sewing patterns to get you started sewing with knits! (Wovens still make me nervous, ha!) These are all PDF patterns where you will need to print and tape/glue the pages together before cutting out your desired size. Most PDF patterns use layers where you have the option to only print the sizes you need, or print them all!

I love PDF patterns way more than paper patterns found in places like Hobby Lobby or Joanns because the ease within the PDF pattern is the actual correct ease. All you have to do is pick the size to your actual body measurements (Bust, Waist and Hip measurements, grading if necessary) and it should fit how the pattern is designed to. Some of the Simplicity patterns I've gotten, sometimes there is a 4 in ease for a fitted shirt. That is ridiculous! It makes it a lot harder to determine the correct side. Drives me loco!…

Petite Stitchery & Co - Women's Yoggers

Free, free, free. I love free things, don't you? I also love me some joggers! Which is great because these cute little things are FREE! Officially released and ready for you to sew them up! ;) You can find these babies HERE, but you will need to hop on over and join the Petite Stitchery & Co Facebook Group for the coupon code! (Also, check out the free girl's yogger pattern!)

I was able to help test these and I love them. I need to make more! They are super comfy. These blue floral Yoggers >>> were made with double brushed poly from So Sew English Fabrics, and seriously, it is LOVE. The pattern comes in multiple cut lengths; high or low waist, shorts, knee and pants. The knee and pants can be cuffed or hemmed and you can choose to add pockets or skip it for a quicker sew. Note that the high rise is a true high waist, like at your belly button high waist. If you don't love that, stick with the low rise!

I like my knee length shorts to hit right above the knee c…

Sew A Little Seam - Mairin Swimsuit

Can you believe it's almost swimsuit season?! For the majority of the northern hemisphere, it's probably still a little chilly, but for us folks in Arizona, it's getting HOT, HOT, HOT! We've already hit a handful of 100 degree days, and they aren't going away anytime soon. Spring is officially over for us! I'm just hoping that summer moves along just as quickly as Spring did. I'm not ready for this Arizona heat! Though, we did have a little cold front this weekend...with a high of 88 degrees (ha!). Everything is going to start looking a little extra dead real soon...

In preparation for summer, Sew A Little Seam has officially released their new Women's swimsuit pattern! (Thank goodness because I needed to make a swimsuit for the #sewswimsocial over on instagram!) And even better, they are giving out a discount coupon for the suit in their Facebook group, valid until 5/30!

The best thing about this swimsuit are all the different options! Bikini, tankini,…

Orchid 201

I think I have FINALLY figured out my Orchid!

So, a little back story. Whenever my husband buys my flowers, it's usually something I have to keep alive. I do well with my garden outside, but not particularly all that well with indoor flowers, that most likely need to be repotted if they are going to survive a tiny bit longer than a week...Anyway, in March or April of 2014 (I can't believe it's been four years!), Scott bought me an orchid. I've almost killed it at least twice, but I have always managed to bring it back to life. I've repotted it at least 3 times and have never seen in rebloom.

But guess what? It's still alive!! Thriving actually. It recently grew a new leaf and another one is growing! It is also growing a lot of new roots that are trying to grow through the pot...literally. I'm crossing my fingers that it will produce a shoot this fall so we can see some flowers. (I honestly don't even remember what color they are. I think maybe yellow/p…

Sew A Little Seam - Movie Night PJs

Oh my goodness, these Movie Nigh Pajamas by Sew A Little Seam are the BEST! Definitely not just for movie nights, girl's night, lounging around the house or sleeping. They are for everything! (Nobody said you have to wear the top and bottom at the same time! My sister would say I'm not allowed to wear them the same time...outside of the house. But I totally would. )

The pants from the Movie Night Pajamas are seriously my FAVORITE! <3! I love all the cuffs, which means no hemming! I probably wear the bottoms more than I wear leggings, which says a lot because I loooove leggings. I definitely wear them weekly, until they are all dirty and I have to do laundry....

This is a pretty standard pattern with a handful of options. The top has a crew and scoop neck with an option for a placket and long, 3/4 and short sleeve options. Bottoms can have cuffs or hemmed with pants, capris or shorts!