That's right, you guessed it! And it's official.

Presenting the new and improved

Trissa Bouwhuis

and that is pronounced Bow (like ow but with a B) and issss (like hiss without the exaggerated H sound). Kind of confusing. Mostly because it's Dutch. But you will probably never have to say, lucky you. I am convinced that I will be spending the remaining years of my life telling people my name repeatedly. Starting off with my first name, since nobody has ever heard it before. Teresa, Trista, Tricia. Wrong, wrong, wrong. And then sometimes people get a bit creative. Now I have this funky last name that nobody knows how to pronounce because there are a MILLION vowels! But it makes for a nice adventure! Especially since I'm a receptionist and I get to sign for things. But if you wish, you may call me Mrs B. And then we don't have to worry about either name pronunciations. Boom.


Married. Awesome. Before Scott and I got married, he was finishing his last semester of school at BYU-Idaho while I was slaving away in Arizona. At least I wasn't dealing with freezing cold blizzard weather! But anyhow, we were separated for about a month and a half and then BAM. The adventures begin.

Thursday, December 19: As soon as I get off work I have to hustle over to an appointment. And then I have to RUSH home as fast as I can to pack for my weekend endeavors that I should have packed for at least the day before...Luckily for my wonderful friend Bethany who met me at my house, helped me scramble up my belongings and drop me off at the airport so I could try to make the 730pm flight. Which I did NOT make. I was barely on time but the flight was full. (flying standby since my mama works for the airlines) And guess what? The next flight was full. And I'm pretty sure all the rest of them for us airways at least. So basically I didn't even have to rush rush rush. I ended up getting on a southwest flight at MIDNIGHT. It was a long night. But I got to see my baby! With a 40 min drive to Ogden, we made it to his parents house!

Friday, December 20: Take a journey up to Rexberg, Idaho for my honeys graduation! He got his bachelor's in Financial Economics and a minor in accounting. After graduation we get to drive through a blizzard to get home! Crazy. I slept some. But it was pretty crazy.

Saturday, December 21: In the morning Scott and I fly down to Phoenix and his mother meets us there a couple hours later. Went through the LDS Mesa Temple for the first time! So pretty! That day was quite a day. I hitch hiked with a total stranger because I was stranded. Went to the wrong Deseret Book. OOPS. And Scott had to pick up his mama from the airport. And my sister was too far away to pick me up and take me to the correct Deseret Book where she was currently waiting for me. (Almost was late to my appointment) Luckily Mormons are so kind! ;)

Monday, December 23: Dropped Scott's mama off at the airport and headed off to Tucson for Christmas with my fam! Later went back up to Phoenix to get ready for our next travels.

Tuesday, December 24: The journey begins! 11 hour ish drive from Phoenix to basically Ogden, Utah. Left around 10ish am? (though we were planning on leaving at 5am. HA) and we arrived at the rents house around 8:30. Don't ask me how we did it. I wasn't driving.

(sorry, skipping christmas but all of Scotts nieces and nephews were fighting over my bubble gun. Best. Present. Ever. at least in that category)

Thursday, December 26: Fun filled day of appointments! Nails done, eye brows done, eye lashes done, and practicing on the hair. And my girlfriend flew in at 10 at night, at least that's when she was supposed to. Plane was late by over an hour. And it's almost an hour drive from the airport back to scott's parents house.

Friday, December 27: Salt Lake City Temple, beautiful! That was a neat experience to say the least! Also got together with my folks and some of my other girlfriends came into town. PICTURES! And oh my goodness was it cold! I am SO glad that you can't feel the cold while looking at the pictures. My feet were freezing. Seriously. I couldn't even feel my toes. But Crystal is pretty much amazing and the pictures were fabulous!

Saturday, December 28: WEDDING DAY! And oh what a lovely day it was! Breakfast luncheon thing with the family (which i was late to), but it was still fabulous. And the sun stayed shining until we were pretty much done with family photos. Lucky us! And the reception and we received fun gifts that I want to play with! My kitchen is just so small though...

But now here I am with my man and I love him to death! He is so sweet and makes me breakfast in the morning while I get ready for work. Too bad that will probably change in the next week or so when he starts work... One of the best perks on married life is that you can actually go to bed early! I mean, since you see each other all day and most of the day, there is no reason to stay up a bazillion hours because when you go to sleep BAM. he's right next to you. When you wake up? BOOM. He's still there. And making you breakfast. Love it.

Here is to a wonderful and new life. Let the games begin!

Ps. I tend to ramble, so just a heads up and warning.
Pss. We will be going to New York for 7 weeks over the summer. You won't want to miss that adventure.

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