I Have A Pretty Cute Nephew

I'm just going to take a minute to express how completely adorable my little nephew is! His name is Eli and he just turned one last month. I kind of stole his thunder and decided to get married on his birthday. (my sister wasn't too happy about that one) I also missed his birth because I decided to go to Portugal with some friends. Oops! But that was then and this is now! And I get to love the heck out of him!

So this past weekend, the hubby and I went down to Tucson to see the fam and because Scott was going to help my dad and Adam (brother-in-law) put some solar panels on the roof! While this was happening, I took a nap. Then played with Eli! My dad pulled this wagon out of nowhere and we all at some point pulled Eli around the house. At one point, I hopped in the wagon with Eli and Scott pulled us all around! We also went and explored the backyard. I was on baby protector duty. We have 2 dogs at my parent’s house. Both are pretty big. I would say somewhere around 70 lbs? One of them likes to lick anything and everything. This also means the baby. And you could probably imagine how scary that might be for a mini person, sitting in a wagon, at eye level to the dogs face! So I had to keep the pups away; mostly their tongues and noses. Entertaining nonetheless!

I also stole Eli for a little bit and took him on a wagon ride! At first, for some reason, I decided to take him out on the street without any shoes. Not the best idea. My feet are definitely not used to little rocks and pokey’s like they used to be when I was a kid. Eventually we came back and had a water break and I put my shoes on. We went up the hill at the end of the street, over some speed bumps, around the cul de sac, and around the corner to another street, stopping at a stop sign (Eli loves, I mean LOVES signs; especially the light up exit signs and stop lights. He will instantly love you if you pick him up so he can touch the sign.) So naturally I picked him up and let him bang on the sign before I put him back in the wagon and turned around to start back home.

Funniest thing! ha! (sorry sister!) So when I was pulling Eli down the street, naturally people have pets. Dogs are most common to be outside, obviously. So anyway, we were just strolling on the sidewalk when, BAM! 2 medium side dogs run to the little front yard gate fence thing. At first were quite and then waBAM, started barking. And boooooyyyy did that scare Eli! Don't worry, he only cried for a little bit. But it was still a little funny and cute all at the same time.


We did a little bit of 4 wheeling and took the alley back to the house! We stopped by a tangerine tree to pick some of those delicious fruits. Probably not completely ripe, but I grabbed the biggest ones we could see anyway.

A fun little adventure to say the least. J