Attempting Scrapbooking

I really really try to be crafty. I have like a bazillion ideas but they are only ever halfway thought out. It's kind of depressing. Work takes up your whole entire life!

I know I know, math sucks, but we are going to do a teensy bit. Well, I will. You can just observe.

Let's say that there are 365 days in a year (which there are). That means that there are approximately 8769 hours in a year. If I were to work 40 hours a week for this entire year, with 2 weeks of vacation (lucky me!), then that is approximately 2000 hours worth of work this year. With that in mind, 22.8% of this year will be dedicated strictly to working. Bleh.

Now, I know it's not very likely for the majority of the universe, but let's just say that we, or I really, happen to get 8 hours of sleep every night this year. That comes down to about 2920 hours of sleeping this year. That comes to approximately 33.3% of this year sleeping. (not including afternoon naps)

That means that approximately 56.1% of this year will go to working and sleeping. That's ridiculous! That's over half of the year! And on top of that there is all the travel time, waiting time, eating time, church time, bathroom time. There isn't much room left for craft time and adventure time! Basically that means there is only 5 months this entire year to finish all the projects that I come up with. I will also be in new york for 7 weeks so that's another 2 months down the drain! So that leaves me with 3 months. Which means I only have 2160 hours this year. I must use my time wisely!

So there are 2 options I could take: digital scrapbooking and oldschool scrapbooking. Oldschool just seems like so much fun! Cutting paper, stamping and printing a bazillion pictures! Which has got me thinking for my birthday present idea! Which is in less than 2 months! boom! That's a pretty fancy printer right there! It may be wishful thinking since it's 500 big ones. But I will press on and cross my fingers. I'd even be okay if it was a christmas present! But that would make scrapbooking way easier! I could print everything right at home!

If you like digital scrapbooking, you should check this out. It's super awesome because you can sign up for emails and every week you can get an email with a collect-a-minikit, which is a little kit that you can download right to your computer and best of all, it's free! If you love it, you can become a Gold Member and have access to tutorials and tools to make your digital scrapbooking experience easier!

I think for my first official scrapbooking fiasco, I will do the oldschool route. It just seems like more fun. And I don't have children yet or any of the distractions or whatnot that will mess with my stuff, except for my husband...wink! Oh and my cat of course. She's kind of a monster, but super adorable at the same time.

I really like this gal. Her blog is pretty sweet in general but check this out for some scrapbooking for beginners! It's quite helpful really and there are cute ideas and great tips!

This means I have some upcoming tasks! First and foremost, I need to get a scrapbook (kind of important), some cardstock paper and some plastic paper sleeves. I also need to start snaping away and taking more photos! My husband isn't a huge picture taker. He just doesn't think about it. So it is now my new job to step it up and snap away! Man I am super excited!

Oh! Which also reminds me! They have these sweet lens adaptors for the iphone! Which means I could do away with a dslr for now! Boom! Now I just have to find one of those that isn't a bazillion bucks.

Also, share some of your sweet and creative scrapbooking pages and inspirations with me via instagram! Tag me if you wish {at}iamtrissab or let's hash tag it with {hashtag}scrap2014

Let the scrapbooking begin!

Peace & love