My Cat Called Peanut

I think it's time that you guys met Peanut.

 Juuuuussstttt kidding. :) ha

This is Peanut! ^^^^
She is sweet, annoying, adorable, silly, relentless, cuddly, antisocial, sleepy, hyper, day sleeper, night owl, hair kneader, feet attacker, laser lover, balcony lurker, getting chubby, grey ball of fur.

But we love her! Scott tries to win her affection with food. I still think she’s upset for ditching her for 3 weeks during the wedding fiasco. (I ditched her with a friend but she would have froze in Utah!) She doesn’t meet me at the front door when I come home from work as often. Sad day…

By the way, from experience, do not try to walk your cat. It doesn’t work. [She] will most likely just lay there, not really knowing what the heck is going on. And you end up trying to drag or carry the kitty and everyone looks at you funny. Also, you probably shouldn’t take your cat out to join in on a lunch date. But seeing the cat still will most likely be amusing nonetheless. And you will probably have to save your cat from hiding under a bush.

Here are some more Peanut poses! Please enjoy J