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California Vaca!

The hubby and I went to California a couple weekends ago! Nice break for the both of us! We wanted to do something fun before Scott started work and on top of that it was my birthday week! Huzzah!

Enjoy some photos from our trip!!

Cali was fun! I love the beach! :)

Someone Bought A Sewing Machine!

Guess what?! I got a sewing machine!

Whoop whoop! And guess what else?! I attempted my first sewing project! In the wonderful world of pinterest, I came across this tutorial. Pretty sweet messenger bag I would say. However, I'm not a huge fan of the leather belt strap, so I made my own strap from the material I used.

Disclaimer! This is my fiiiiirrrsssstttt official project so don't hate on my not so straight lines! K thanks. :)

Let's start off with the material!

All nice and cut and ready to go! The stripes are going to be the outside and the chevron is the liner.
(BTW, this isn't a tutorial. You can check out the blog I got this from for specific directions.)
This bag has a magnetic clasp. However, she doesn't really go into any detail how she does the clasp. She does give a link to a good tutorial, but you will have to probably figure out where the magnetic clasp is going to go before you put the whole bag together, since you will have to reinforce where you put…