Someone Bought A Sewing Machine!

Guess what?! I got a sewing machine!

Whoop whoop! And guess what else?! I attempted my first sewing project! In the wonderful world of pinterest, I came across this tutorial. Pretty sweet messenger bag I would say. However, I'm not a huge fan of the leather belt strap, so I made my own strap from the material I used.

Disclaimer! This is my fiiiiirrrsssstttt official project so don't hate on my not so straight lines! K thanks. :)

Let's start off with the material!

All nice and cut and ready to go! The stripes are going to be the outside and the chevron is the liner.

(BTW, this isn't a tutorial. You can check out the blog I got this from for specific directions.)

This bag has a magnetic clasp. However, she doesn't really go into any detail how she does the clasp. She does give a link to a good tutorial, but you will have to probably figure out where the magnetic clasp is going to go before you put the whole bag together, since you will have to reinforce where you put it for stability. 

Anywho! So this is my first zipper! Not to shabby for the first one I'd say. And it's going to be on the inside of the bag.

And my first zipper pocket! Its a wee bit difficult to make the zipper stay in place…You could probably pin or use some scotch tape. 

And then I made my other zipper! After this, the majority of the more difficult parts are done. Except the magnetic clasp can be a little annoying but no sewing is involved. 

Bam! Now that one looks much better! And I did opposite fabric because I think it looked a little better. 
NOTE: In the tutorial, the lady had her pocket width at 9", however I made mine 10" so it would more so cover up the 9" zipper. You can also make the pockets a little deeper if you wish.

After this I added my magnetic clasp! I probably should have added the other half as well, but it's a little difficult to make sure its going to line up PERFECT. The next bag I make, I may just oust it since the flap is already pretty long. It's still debatable. 

And theeeeeeen I added my flap!

It's looking so swell! However I added my flap incorrectly ha. Shh! I was supposed to attach it at the smaller end. I fixed it enough to were I didn't have to redo it later. Which is good since I didn't want to basically start from the VERY beginning. 

And then I inserted the lining!

And then I made my own strap! I made it extra long so I could make sure I made it at the length I wanted. You can always cut the fabric, but it's harder to make it longer. This was a bit of a pain though because I sewed it first inside out and then I had to flip it right side out and the, iron it and sew it one more time. 

Last but not least….The final product! 

Doesn't it just look so pretty?! I'm going to make another one, except all of it correctly, ha, except a little bit bigger so I can use it as my new church bag! Yay! Anyway, its not too bad for my first attempt at this messenger bag. Anyone can sew. You probably won't be perfect at first, but that is the beauty of practicing and working at it until you are super good and making everything! :)

Peace & Love