Attempting to Crochet

So for this past little while I have been on a crocheting frenzy! Probably a good thing so I can start using up all the craft stuff I have before I buy some more… :) And some of this yarn I have had for yeeeaarrrrssss!

I haven't yet mastered these CUTE LITTLE BOOTIES. The directions, however, are in some language that I cannot read and there aren't even those kind of letters on my keyboard… SO I've been expanding my crocheting abilities in the mean time! OH and I also need to get smaller crochet hooks.. I think I have some, but that would require me to find them, but that is if they are actually somewhere in my apt…

BUT ANYWAY! Let's have a looksie on what I've made!!

This is going to end up being a tshirt rug thingy?

Super soft little baby blanket! 

This is nothing really. I decided to quit what I was doing lol

Kitty hat!

It actually turned into a slipper. But I messed up on it. And I only made one foot...

This bag..

is so big...

Peanut fits in it. :)
Here is a "how to" link for the bag btw!

Another cute little baby blanket! Though the photo doesn't do it justice. 

That's about it so far for my crocheting projects. Though I do have a half made blanket in a box… Note to self and everybody else…crochet normal sized blankets take forever!! Ahhhhh smaller projects are sometimes better because they can be completed! Unless maybe you try those blankets where you make them in sections. Also, the counting crochet projects get complicated… I made that bag a litttttle too big ha. Not too sure where but oh well. I have a giant crochet yarn bag now. Huzzah! :)

OH and I want to attempt to make these!! They are super cute! Next crochet project maybe…?

Anyway…those were my mini adventures for the last couple weeks sort of. 

I also just finished my pottery class this last week so stay tuned for a post of the pots I made! Eventually when I have a lot I may attempt to sell them! :)


Peace & Love!