When I got home from work today, before I started on dinner, I decided to attempt to curl my hair! I got  the wrapping idea for spirals here! (Of course, I'm in love with this blog.) This way is a million times easier than using a straightener or using a curling iron the way its supposed to be used. (I think I was afraid to try it? I'm not all that great with curling my hair.) I even took a before and after!!

I, for one, think it was a success!! This way is so much easier! And since I have layers, curling it like this doesn't make the shorter hairs stick out all funny! However, my bangs are currently in that really annoying phase where they are too long to go in front of your face but too short to do anything else. Just grow already! Anywho. I think my next investment is going to be one of those little wandy curling irons. That way I don't get the little crimp line and there will me more room for wrapping!  

My hubby seems to like this look as well! It took me about half an hour but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get my time down with a little extra practice. :) 


  1. Glad it worked for you! It sounds like torture to me to try to get my hair to do that! For my arms mostly!

    1. Let's experiment when I come over! Your hair is thiner than mine. I bet it would take less than 20 min!


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