Day Tripper shirt!

Good evening fellow bloggers and readers! I am so happy to say that I have completed two more shirts! The day tripper shirt! Yippee! One, at the expense of careless pinning which resulted in multiple seam ripping and resewing….

I've got to say. Probably one of the worst things in sewing, in my opinion, is seam ripping. Seriously it is the worst! (I may need another new seam ripper..) I think what is next after that is sewing something inside out! Especially since you have to rip out all those seams!!! Just terrible really. I had to do that. And I hate it. However, I am slowly learning my own techniques to not make this awful mistakes again. For instance… pins are your friends! Use them!! I, for one, love and hate pins. My husband hates pins because I sometimes leave them everywhere and drop them on the floor… (He hasn't stepped on any yet!) Also, I really need to pay attention to putting the right sides together. I sometimes just get so excited and pin and sew and then realize I did it inside out….and then I have to rip out the seams and do it all over again… Frustrating!!

But anyway. I also tailored my other two pairs of shorts like the pink ones here. The last pair took me only ten minutes! Whoop! 

Okay, back to business. Like I said before I got the day tripper pattern. I love it! 

Shirt number one! Props to my adorable little nephew who is the star cuteness in the photos! We went to the park together. :)

He's the best! And wanted his ball back. ha

And shirt number two! 

The material in the second shirt is way thinner and rolls when you stretch it, which can be a huge pain in the butt. (This is where lots of pinning comes into play and can be your friend.) I think they both turned out quite nicely! 

I also picked up some sweet new patterns this weekend! 

Ohhhh I can't wait to make this and show you guys!!

New material should be coming on wednesday which means I will be sewing away! And I also got my sisters serger this weekend! So I'll be experimenting with that sucker pretty soon! 

Stay tuned for more completed projects to come! :)

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  1. You are so talented, Trissa. You make a mommy proud!!! Love you!


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