So I've decided

I think I've decided that I'm going to attempt to start making my own clothes! (Except jeans and shorts and such because that just seems way out of my league...) I'm also going to dive into getting cheap, oversized clothes and revamping them to total awesomeness! Of course with pictures to boot!

Yesterday I just ordered some fabric that I am just so thrilled to receive in the mail. Hopefully it won't take more than a week. I just purchaced the day tripper pattern and I printed and cut it all out yesterday! (I also have the Beatles stuck in my head now)

Boom! I also finished cutting and taping it all together. Do you know what this means?! After work will be a fun filled afternoon of sewing! I am just so thrilled. This is going to be a semi trial run before I get the material that I REALLY want to make with this. The fabric is so cute. Just wait and see!!

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have pictures of the finished product. :) Also, on Saturday I get to have a sewing craft day with my sister!
The great things about this...
1. I get to see my sister
2. I get to see my nephew!
3. More sewing!
4. My sister is letting me borrow her serger!

I am just super pumped. Stay tuned!