Sew much fun!

Soooooooo basically I am obsessed with my sewing machine! It is seriously probably one of my most favoritest (yes, I know that's not a word) things ever right now! <3

This weekend had been so wonderful thus far and Saturday isn't even over yet! How great is that?! Let me just tellll you…

Yesterday after I got home from work, I decided to attempt tailoring a pair of shorts that I have been wanting to get tailored. (I actually have three total that I need to do. So one down and two to go!) I am pretty much obsessed with this blog!! She has the cutest DIY's and it seems that quite a bit of my pinning on pinterest that are diy's are from that lovely lady's blog! She's adorable and so is her family!

Anyway… I basically copied this tutorial for the most part (since there wasn't a specific one for shorts, but you get the gist really). It took me a wee bit longer that I would have liked, since I only got one pair of shorts done… but here is what it came out like! The greenish blue shorts are the same… I just forgot to take a before picture with the pink ones on. :)

I am just so pleased with the outcome! Yay! I will actually wear them now! I just have to do the other 2… And when I get my sister's surger and learn how to use it…. maybe then I can use it for one of my other shorts I have to tailor! But again, I think that was a success!

Also yesterday for date night, the hubby and I went out for sushi at Ra! 

The thing at the top (there used to be 6 of them), I honestly thought it was going to be cooked. I should have known better since the name of this place is Ra. Probably for a good reason.. And I thought it was gross so Scott ate those. :) But oh my goodness!! The fancy looking stuff there to the left is called Crazy Monkey something (I can't remember the last word in the title) but it was scrumptious! Pineapply, and avocadoy and nutty… mmm. I would go back just for that. Superb 

We also watched Gravity which was soooo good! I would recommend it. And Sandra Bullock is in it and she is just wonderful. :)

Now today was way eventful! I sewed a little bit this morning and then went to a ballet fitness class! (So good!) And went to Jamba Juice! And then went to the painting place! Some of you may know that I recently finished my last painting. Horray! You can see it here if you'd like. 

This is after day number one and I included the picture that I found online that I am using as my inspiration I guess?

I have quite a ways to go… ha but I think it's pretty dang good progress for day number uno! 

After painting I went home and……took a nap. Best of all, peanut joined me! She is just a darling I'd say. (She's my cat for those of you wondering…)

And then more sewing! I am currently in the ever going process of making a quilt from my band shirts. I cut out all of about 40 of them… and I have ironed on interfacing on maybe five of them…a ways to go still I know.. But I got this lovely idea to make a skirt from the scraps! See here, though she used 2 shirts and not scraps of shirts. I didn't care to line up the seams of each stripe. I think it looks fine just the way it is. Maybe when I do this again and I have non scrappy material, I can measure them out all nicely. :)

I think it turned out just fine. :)  And now I'm going to go spend some time with my hubby after his long day of studying and then enjoy a lovely Sunday tomorrow filled with church and then some relaxation before we all have to go back to work…

Peace & love