So there's this bird...

Happy Saturday everyone!

Soooooo there's this bird… let's call him George. He took my parking spot!!

Okay so let's back up a little bit. After I cleaned up the apartment a little bit, I went to the fabric store! And I got some goodies… I am so excited about that and can't wait until I share it with you! (later) And  then I went to Walmart to pick up some materials for pineapple salsa! (seriously is delicious) And when I came back to my apartment, I came across this little guy, George.

That's my parking spot! Bleh! That bird is a little monster! But when I pulled up, it wasn't moving out of the way. Just was standing there. So I opted out of the spot and parked in the sunshine. I'm pretty sure the bird is a crow of some kind. At least it's one of those dark brown/black birds… And I decided not to fry it with the heat of my car. So night huh?

When I went to my car to make sure it was locked and put up my sun shades, the mama bird came! Up to where the nest was though and little George was just chirping away and the mama was looking around for him and then she spotted him! And flew down to George. The mama bird seemed to be yelling at Gworge as to say, "Why did you leave the nest?!" And George was squawking as if to say, "FEED ME!" And then the mama flew away. But she's come back a couple times. Every time the mama goes over to the baby, I can just HEAR the squawking bird… And then over in the grass, there was a bunch of the grownup birds chirping at each other as to figure out what to do with this bird that was on the ground. I honestly don't even know how the bird got out of the nest. There isn't even a real opening at the bottom and the bird surly can't fly to go up and out! I just want the little guy to move so I can park in the shade…

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