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Projects project projects...

It's always a matter of trying to decide exactly what you want to do, right? I've decided to make a list of some of the next crafty projects I plan on doing in the near future! (Feel free to give me some input of more ideas of what I can make!!) 

1. Day tripper shirt with long sleeves (new fabric should be in tomorrow!)
2. Jersey shirt dress! Something similar at least. I'm attempting a DIY with a little help from this tutorial 
3. The new pants pattern I got! (bottom of the post) I just got some sweet chevron fabric I'm going to try out for this
4. This super sweet rope rug! (With a splash of some other colors)
5. A colorful 3D hand! (This just looks way cool)
6. A picture with embroydery string and canvas. (Inspiration fro my girl Tasie)
7. I want to make a new bag...not exactly sure which one...
8. I really need to re fluff my couch cushions…and then possibly make new covers for them. Or maybe try and reupholster the whole couch! (Here and/or here) I may have to wait until I move into a bigger place for this though
9. Reupholster the dining room chairs for the new-to-us table and chairs! (Helpful hints here) They are also waiting patiently at my parents house :)
10. Last but not least….finish ironing on the interfacing for my tshirt quilt.

It think this is a decent amount of stuff to keep me a wee bit occupied. However, these will happen in no particular order and I am more than like sure that I will be adding random other projects into the mix as well. But I'm excited!

And something I like to remind my husband at times… "I'm not messy…I'm crafty!"


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  1. I love the jersey shirt dress idea. hope if goes well! - Rachel Bricker


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