Love at First Stitch (Tilly Buttons) - Clémence skirt

If any of you fellow readers out there are wanting to pick up sewing or you have already started and want to learn more, you MUST add this book into your collection! It's called Love at First Stitch written by miss Tilly. You can check out her blog here! It is definitaly a very good reference book and it has really good explanations and the patters are super cute but basic enough to do. You will also learn a lot of valuable information!

It's on Amazon! Love at First Stitch. Or you can go to Tilly's blog and order it from her if you want her to sign the copy. But either way, its a fabulous investment!

But anywho, I made a few of the Clémence skirt from in the book and I love it! (I almost forgot how much I love it!)

(Photo cred:Photography-Hill)

These are adorable. And the invisible zipper is cake. (Tilly is great at explaining everything in great details.) Seriously your sewing machine does just about everything for you and I love it. Making clothes is so much fun and you can add your own little touch of you to it! (pockets, lace, bows, buttons, etc...)

I'm going to try and tackle everything in that book. And I love making my own clothes! Everything fits me the way I want it to and I can pick out what material I want and it's just perfect!

So far I have tackled a couple shirts, which I just LOVE! You can check that out here! I've also made a couple super cute and simple pencil skirts and my baseball type shirt dress is just being so stubborn! But the best way to learn is trial and error and try and try again! The more you do the better you will become. :) Have fun with it! Because it is sew much fun!

You can check out some of my other sewing creations on my instagram here: @tmcreates or select the sewing tab at the top! 


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  1. This is a lovely skirt! I'm a big fan of blue and polka dots! :D I bought Love At First Stitch of couple of weeks ago and haven't had the chance to try anything out but I really want to... just can't decide which to make first!

    I came across your blog via Pinterest. Hope your sewing is coming along! : )

    Jen |

    1. Ah you are so sweet! And I know what you mean! Everything in that book is ADORABLE! I have fabric for a dress I really want to try and tackle from that book. My problem is that I just want to do everything at the same time!

      I wasn't even sure if my pinterest was getting any notice! <3 thanks! And happy sewing!


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