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New York: Day's One and Two

Day one and day two in New York were a success if I don't say so myself! On day one, I got into the airport just after 5am. So early! I slept a little bit on the plane..just about as much as you can in those sitting up in those seats. It took just under an hour to get to the hotel via taxi. When I got to the hotel, I got to see my hubby! Yippee! It had been almost two whole days since I dropped him off at the airport! :)

Day one wasn't too eventful. I explored a wee bit but it was so dang hot! And humid. It was gross really. I think the high was at least 91. But I did walk around the Brooklyn Bridge Park and a couple of the Piers there at the park. It's kind of cool actually. One pier had basketball courts, another one there was sand volleyball and a soccer field on another. You can also see the Statue of Liberty! I posted a couple photos on the gram. (at)iamtrissab

I think I took a nap at this point. And then roamed around and got some froyo right by the hotel. They have …

New York : T minus 5 days

It is fast approaching! The anticipation is so extreme it could almost kill!

The hubby and I are soon to be embarking on a new chapter of our life that we will entitle “A Splash of New York!” You know, since we aren’t moving there or anything (at least not at this point in our lives), it’s just a splash. It’s also way cheaper this way. New York is EXPENSIVE! Sheesh! You get paid more there, but I don’t think it’s the same cost of living to money being made ratio that here in Arizona. Actually I’m pretty positive it isn’t the same. But that’s beside the point…

Neither one of us has started packing yet. What do you even pack when you are going to be exploring for an entire month?! Am I right?! After I do some laundry I guess I should figure all that out. I found my camera at least! I just want to find my little nook book. It’s probably in a box still from the last time I moved…and now we going to be moving after we get back… so maybe I’ll get lucky and find it before then. :)

Anyway, I’m s…