New York: Day's One and Two

Day one and day two in New York were a success if I don't say so myself! On day one, I got into the airport just after 5am. So early! I slept a little bit on the plane..just about as much as you can in those sitting up in those seats. It took just under an hour to get to the hotel via taxi. When I got to the hotel, I got to see my hubby! Yippee! It had been almost two whole days since I dropped him off at the airport! :)

Day one wasn't too eventful. I explored a wee bit but it was so dang hot! And humid. It was gross really. I think the high was at least 91. But I did walk around the Brooklyn Bridge Park and a couple of the Piers there at the park. It's kind of cool actually. One pier had basketball courts, another one there was sand volleyball and a soccer field on another. You can also see the Statue of Liberty! I posted a couple photos on the gram. (at)iamtrissab

I think I took a nap at this point. And then roamed around and got some froyo right by the hotel. They have sweet spoons!! Definitely adding it to my froyo spoon collection that I have going. After Scott got out of his training we went on a stroll together! Took the train over to Manhattan! Went to Central  Park and saw Jason Sudeikis on the set of one of his new films, SWOP or Sleeping With Other People. Probably is going to be rated R but we totally saw them recording the little bench scene in Central Park!

We also walked by the American Museum of Natural History! I must go see that while I am here and explore every floor! And then watch the movie The Night at the Museum. :) We also walked around Time Square! So many lights and HUGE screens!

And that was the jist of day one.

Day two I was a bum and decided to wait until my hubby got out of training. BUT I did go to a Bikram Yoga class. Hot hot hot hot hot. My goodness. I am not used to doing that anymore! WHEW. After about a week of it, it shouldn't be too bad.

After Scott got off, we hopped on the train down to Coney Island. It was freezing! And super windy. Nothing like the day before, though the ocean probably would have felt better with the heat! We had a famous hotdog at Nathan's where the current Hotdog Eating Contest records are 49 for females and 69 for males. That is both gross and ridiculous. I was pretty upset that the famous Cyclone roller coster was currently not in service, but we did get to take a ride on the Wonder Wheel! It's about 150 feet in the air and was at one point the biggest one ever! (I'm pretty sure that has since changed) It's also almost 100 years old. Oh! And Zoltar told us our fortunes.

After Coney Island, which is on the very bottom of Brooklyn just about, we hopped on the train and went over to Chinatown and Little Italy. Little Italy was a pretty quaint little area. We will most likely be back for an Italian Date Night. Scott was pretty pumped when he found a little fruit cart selling Lychees. Those things are weird! They taste good, but still weird. The last time Scott had one of those was when he was serving his mission for the LDS Church in Madagascar. I'm sure we will be getting some more of those soon!

After that little exploration, we hopped on the train over to the stop by the Brooklyn Bridge and walked across the bridge, to our hotel. A nice little walk must I say, but it would probably be a bit dreadful during the middle of the day in the heat AND humidity. Manhattan looks quite pretty from the bridge at night nonetheless!

New York City is pretty fun. This first week is more of my chillin week and then I will get to some more exploring. Each day will most likely depend on the weather. But I love it! Glad we get to be here for a couple weeks.

Check back soon for more NYC updates! For now, here are some photos!! (My apologies, some of them are not in the correct order)

Statue of Liberty!

The set for the movie SWOP

Museum of Natural History

Statue of M&M Liberty!

Way in the distance is Manhattan

Crazy Zoltar

This is a Lychee

Dragon fruit look crazy!

Statue of Liberty!

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