New York : T minus 5 days

It is fast approaching! The anticipation is so extreme it could almost kill!

The hubby and I are soon to be embarking on a new chapter of our life that we will entitle “A Splash of New York!” You know, since we aren’t moving there or anything (at least not at this point in our lives), it’s just a splash. It’s also way cheaper this way. New York is EXPENSIVE! Sheesh! You get paid more there, but I don’t think it’s the same cost of living to money being made ratio that here in Arizona. Actually I’m pretty positive it isn’t the same. But that’s beside the point…

Neither one of us has started packing yet. What do you even pack when you are going to be exploring for an entire month?! Am I right?! After I do some laundry I guess I should figure all that out. I found my camera at least! I just want to find my little nook book. It’s probably in a box still from the last time I moved…and now we going to be moving after we get back… so maybe I’ll get lucky and find it before then. :)

Anyway, I’m super upset that Scott and I most likely aren’t going to be able to make it to the crown level in the Statue of Liberty. I had NO IDEA you have to reserve tickets two to three months in advanced! They currently have reservations available for September through November. How depressing. I’m so distraught. I’ll still go to the Statue of Liberty; I’ll just have to go to the crown some other time… sigh…

I still have no idea what I’m going to do in New York. Everything maybe? I probably have enough time for that.

Anywho, here are some of the ideas of things I want to do! And check my instagram (at)iamtrissab for some instant trip updates!

*Museum of Natural History
Museum of Modern Art
*Little Italy
*Bikram yoga in NY
Summer movies in the park
*Central park
Bronx Zoo
Statue of Liberty
*Twin Towers monument (9/11 Memorial)
Rockefeller Plaza
Corona Park
Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Promenade
*Coney Island
Empire State Building
*Grand Central Terminal
*The High Line
*Brooklyn Bridge Park
Fort Greene Park
Inwood Hill Park
*Prospect Park
Metropolitan Museum of Art
*Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
Attend a Broadway Show
*Washington Square Park
Brooklyn Flea
Explore Soho
Aerial tram to Roosevelt Island
5Pointz Aero Art Center
Shakespeare in the Park
*Time Square
*See a game in the Yankee Stadium
*Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Kayak for free
*Bike New York
Bryant Park
Upstate New York

I’m sure I’m missing a bunch but here is at least a snippet! If you know some great places in New York, throw them at me! The weather is going to be in the 80s for the most part and humid and maybe a bit rainy at times but I am SO ready to get out of the desert!


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  1. Don't forget Scott. Get a list of what he wants to do while in New York and add it to your list.


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