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The Envelope Clutch

After exploring around on Craftsy, looking around for some free sewing patters, I came across this!  A super cute Envelope Clutch pattern! So on this #sewsunday I decided to take a dive! (I wanted to do something a little more quick and easy today.) After you download and print the pattern and whatnot, you can catch the tutorial here! Easy directions and easy to follow!

Also, my first time finally doing a button hole! Definitely not as difficult as I have previously thought!

I hope you enjoy! If you make one, send me a like! Or tag me on instagram! I would love to see!


The Out and About Dress

So I just HAD to make something! I'm all moved into the new apartment (for the most part) and I was dying for a new project.

I wanted to find a fairly easy dress pattern for knits because, lets face it, that is the BEST material to work with in my opinion. And the easiest. (I hate hate hate fabric that frays as soon as you cut it!)

I kind of did some clicking around until I came across this! The Out and About Dress! I think it's pretty cute! And not very difficult. You can also check out more of Sew Caroline's stuff here on her blog! She is pretty adorable! And she has a number of cute things! And some free patterns as well!

With this pattern, I made the smallest size and I decided to take in the sleeves a bit for a more snug fit, especially since I'm using knits and they are quite stretchy.

I love this fabric! And I just recently purchased a twin needle which makes the hems so much easier and prettier!

The next time I made this dress, I may take in the bodice a little…

Music Monday- Dance!

Hello! So I admit, yes, that I have been a wee bit behind. But good news! Music mondays are back and I'm just going to run with it. I'm sure someone will fall into this and enjoy it sooner or later!

This is more of a Dance theme! These songs make me wanna dance! And hey, maybe you too will join in on the dancing. It's a new day so why not smile and throw down some beats!

1. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (you just HAVE to watch the video! click me)
2. James Brown - I Got You (I Feel Good)
3. The Hush Sound - Honey
4. Thurston Harris & The Sharps - Little Bitty Pretty One
5. Melee - You Make My Dreams
6. Sugarcult - Bouncing Off The Walls
7. Beyonce - Single Ladies
8. Hot Chelle Rae - Tonight Tonight
9. Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby
10. Relient K - High Of 75

So there you have it. Ten jams to start of this beautiful Monday and a great start to this new week!

It's a new day. Enjoy it. Love it. Smile at someone today. Tell someone you don't know that you like …


Oh my goodness! I feel like I have been just a complete slacker! So much is going on on the twitter world that I feel like I have just been missing out on! And all this blogger stuffs! Man oh man! 

Well I feel like I have a good excuse.


It's such a pain! Well, moving wasn't really that bad. Just dealing with all the new apartment nonsense. So our new apt has been renovated. The cabinets looks GREAT! And a couple other things are great. Vaulted ceiling. Great. Love it. HOWEVER....the outlets. Usually a no big deal kind of thing, right? Wrong! Ugh. Oh so wrong! So they put these little covers over the outlets and yes, they do look nice. But they aren't functional! I'm pretty sure whoever installed them were a bunch of lazies because they weren't done correctly. Too much plastic and plugs just fall out. And do you know what that means?! I can't plug anything in! It just falls out! Even plugs with a ground don't work! So I'm pretty sure the complex was…

New York Overview!

So let me just say, New York was fabulous! However, living in a hotel room is not all that fabulous. I definitely won't miss that. Especially without a microwave (who would have known) and a fridge smaller than a microwave. What gives?! I guess that's the Big Apple for you!

New York is great, but I still wouldn't want to live there permanently, or no longer than a few years tops. And coming back to Arizona? Same thing goes... I don't want to be here for longer than a few years. It's just so.....brown! 
One of my favorite things about NYC is the ICE CREAM Trucks! Soft serve ice cream everywhere! So good. Especially with this cookie crumble sprinkles. I will definitely miss walking down the street and seeing that wonderful sight and enjoying an ice cream cone. But you must eat it before you get into the subway or else it will melt like CRAZY!
Also, Citi Bikes are pretty fun! For me, it sucked at first haha. So tiring! And there are only 3 gears. If you go up a hill, …