New York Overview!

So let me just say, New York was fabulous! However, living in a hotel room is not all that fabulous. I definitely won't miss that. Especially without a microwave (who would have known) and a fridge smaller than a microwave. What gives?! I guess that's the Big Apple for you!

New York is great, but I still wouldn't want to live there permanently, or no longer than a few years tops. And coming back to Arizona? Same thing goes... I don't want to be here for longer than a few years. It's just so.....brown! 

One of my favorite things about NYC is the ICE CREAM Trucks! Soft serve ice cream everywhere! So good. Especially with this cookie crumble sprinkles. I will definitely miss walking down the street and seeing that wonderful sight and enjoying an ice cream cone. But you must eat it before you get into the subway or else it will melt like CRAZY!

Also, Citi Bikes are pretty fun! For me, it sucked at first haha. So tiring! And there are only 3 gears. If you go up a hill, it's death! You can always put it in the lowest gear where the peddling is super easy but going up a hill, you go so slow! The third gear is the only one that actually feels like you are moving and making yourself go. Be sure to download the Citi Bike App! It's great because it tells you where the closest dock is, how many docks are open and how many bikes are available. Beware though! One you hit Central Park, there are no more docks! We found that out after we got to the northern part of Central Park...Won't make that mistake again! 

We went to the restaurant from Seinfeld (Tom's Restaurant) and the one from How I Met Your Mother (McGee's). Tom's was great! The prices were really good and the service was also good. However, it's cash only. McGee's was not as impressive. At least for our experience, the service was SO SLOW. And the food wasn't really good at all. I was highly not impressed. 

We were also pretty disappointed that Neel's apartment from White Collar was under some kind of construction or maintenance of some sort. The entire thing was pretty much boxed up! Lame.

Oh oh oh. NYC has fireflies! Best thing ever! Washington Sq Park probably had the best sightings of them. So cool! 

Anyway, here are some photos! 

Super reasonable sushi by Washington Sq Park


Yankee Stadium!

Citi Bikes!

Columbus Park...Full of Asians 

Creepy caterpillar crawled on me

Tom's Restaurant from Seinfeld! 

On an end note, I have the best hubby ever! Thank you for all the fun and adventures! <3

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