Oh my goodness! I feel like I have been just a complete slacker! So much is going on on the twitter world that I feel like I have just been missing out on! And all this blogger stuffs! Man oh man! 

Well I feel like I have a good excuse.


It's such a pain! Well, moving wasn't really that bad. Just dealing with all the new apartment nonsense. So our new apt has been renovated. The cabinets looks GREAT! And a couple other things are great. Vaulted ceiling. Great. Love it. HOWEVER....the outlets. Usually a no big deal kind of thing, right? Wrong! Ugh. Oh so wrong! So they put these little covers over the outlets and yes, they do look nice. But they aren't functional! I'm pretty sure whoever installed them were a bunch of lazies because they weren't done correctly. Too much plastic and plugs just fall out. And do you know what that means?! I can't plug anything in! It just falls out! Even plugs with a ground don't work! So I'm pretty sure the complex was getting sick of me for a wee bit there. Because I kept calling. Especially since this should have been fix...let's see... before we moved in. Right?! Ugh. Frustrated. But supposedly that's going to be taken care of by the end of this week or I will be calling up a storm! Just like the one yesterday! 

See? It even flooded my practically backyard.

On a lighter note, heres what I've been up to. I reupholstered the chairs to the dining room table that the hubby and I acquired, painted this dresser thingy that I plan to turn into a cute little changing table whenever a little munchkin decides to come along, and I planted some flowers in my parents front yard! <3 (A little sad that I'm not in the same city so I can't see the progress of their growth) Oh and I saw my nephew not too terribly long ago. Got a cute snap of us too!

I also joint the #fireworkpeople mail swap! Super pumped but super intimidated! I feel like I'm still such a noob! Bleh! Everyone is so good at documenting and uplifting and being so awesome! I too have my own awesomenesses I'm sure, but still. Just saying. I officially should be getting internet in the new apt tomorrow (yippee! I'm hotspotting from my telly) Oh! But what I was saying. Mail swap. And then ANOTHER one should be starting up on friday! With Postmark society. I signed up for that one in like..January. So hopefully I wasn't lost in the wind.

But anyway. I'm doing my best! Just as you should be doing your best! Which doesn't mean it has to actually be super awesome or best like, but as long as you are trying and putting forth an effort, I say that is pretty darn great and you are doing mighty fine! :)

Anywho, here are some photos because I just love them. But my hubby said he's a little upset that he's hardly in any of them. (Peanut is probably in the lot of them) I will do my best to change this!

OH I almost forgot!! I got the COOLEST hair curling contraption. I'll have to tell you about it a wee bit later. :) But it's awesome. Really.

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  1. That dresser is gorgeous, you should be super proud!
    I love finding old furniture and putting my own touch to it. Much to my partner's disgust, it fills the shed! haha

    1. Thanks! I love the way it turned out!! To my mom's disgust, I did it with my dad at their house in their garage! haha so she wasn't able to park there for a wee bit. But she ended up liking the final product anyway :)


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