The Envelope Clutch

After exploring around on Craftsy, looking around for some free sewing patters, I came across this!  A super cute Envelope Clutch pattern! So on this #sewsunday I decided to take a dive! (I wanted to do something a little more quick and easy today.) After you download and print the pattern and whatnot, you can catch the tutorial here! Easy directions and easy to follow!

Also, my first time finally doing a button hole! Definitely not as difficult as I have previously thought!

I hope you enjoy! If you make one, send me a like! Or tag me on instagram! I would love to see!


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  1. I have looked for a great pattern for one, but I would want it to be stiff, like it would stand up on its own. Starch spray might be my friend here...

    1. Or you could try thicker fabric like a bottom weight and use a thick interfacing on the lining and the outside fabric??


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