The Out and About Dress

So I just HAD to make something! I'm all moved into the new apartment (for the most part) and I was dying for a new project.

I wanted to find a fairly easy dress pattern for knits because, lets face it, that is the BEST material to work with in my opinion. And the easiest. (I hate hate hate fabric that frays as soon as you cut it!)

I kind of did some clicking around until I came across this! The Out and About Dress! I think it's pretty cute! And not very difficult. You can also check out more of Sew Caroline's stuff here on her blog! She is pretty adorable! And she has a number of cute things! And some free patterns as well!

With this pattern, I made the smallest size and I decided to take in the sleeves a bit for a more snug fit, especially since I'm using knits and they are quite stretchy.

Photo cred: Photography Hill

I love this fabric! And I just recently purchased a twin needle which makes the hems so much easier and prettier!

The next time I made this dress, I may take in the bodice a little more just because I would prefer it to fit just a tad bit more snuggly and I'll lengthen it a little more as well. :)

Peanut seems to enjoy it too! 


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