Life, Goals and Gratitude

With the start of this new month and new opportunities, I've decided that I would like to share with you some of the things I am grateful for along with some of my goals for the rest of this month, year and beyond! Ready....set....GO! (brace yourself! this is a bit of a long one..)

So recently my wonderful hubby and I had the opportunity to go to NYC for his work, and of course, I had to tag along. With that, I quit my job. I thought it was the best time for that since 1. they won't hold my position for 5 weeks (and I don't blame them) 2. when we got back from NY we were moving into a new apartment, closer to the hubby's work and much further from where I was working at the time and 3. I was ready to seek out some new and exciting opportunities that had the ability to progress within the company! So with that, I had to start searching out for a job once all settled into our new little home. And ohhhhh man! Is that exhausting! Putting your resumé out on the web... getting emails and phone calls for jobs that you don't want... bleck. I'm happy that I can end the search because I start my new job tomorrow! Yay! (though I still get emails...ugh) It's a smaller company and I love that I can grow with them and hopefully be an essential part of the team! I really can't wait.

So with that, I guess that's kind of my rest of this month and year goal all tied together. Meeting new people and building good relationships with colleagues along with doing my best to help out the company.

Another goal that is going to be kind of a forever and continuous to infinity and beyond is my blogging and social media interactions! I'm going to do my best to really start diving in and connecting! I think twitter chats are a really great way for that! I had my first one tonight and I can't believe that it really takes all of your attention! I love it though. It's a great way to join in with different communities and connect, support and inspire with fellow bloggers! I love it! Oh and with this is a goal for this month and that is to complete the #projectpositive for this month! Check out my twitter and instagram if you'd like to check up on that!

Goal number three is finally get my Bachelors degree! Whoop! I'm starting the Pathways Program through BUYI so I can get my degree online, and it's way cheaper. (LDS church schools seriously are the way to go even if you aren't a member. You get a great degree and you won't spend nearly as much!) Anway, I've been slacking so much on this whole school thing. I mean seriously. It's time to step it up! Let me tell you briefly. I applied and was admitted to ASU three different times to three different programs. Elementary Teacher, Exercise & Wellness, Social Work. I went to the first day of classed for E&W, rode my bike in AUGUST (not my brightest ideas) and that was that. I also applied for the Marine Biology program at BYU Hawaii, got admitted and then decided not to go! A lot of my friends thought I was crazy because really, Hawaii would suit me quite well with my easy going, beach loving, travel craze kind of life. But that one, I would have gone, BUT it didn't feel right... I couldn't pin point it but it just didn't feel like where I needed to be (and I am one to trust my gut with any and everything). So I didn't go. Good thing because a couple months later I met my wonderful husband!

Which brings me to some things I am grateful for!

I am especially grateful for my husband, Scott. He is seriously the best ever! He supports me, loves me, and encourages me. He also puts up with my crafting messes, my creative cooking and my kitty that he has grown to enjoy!

I'm also grateful for Temples! There is so much peace and serenity there! I love just being on the grounds and looking at the beauty! Each temple is so unique and magnificent. I wish I could go more! <3 Another goal is to attend the temple at least once a month with the hubby but I'm going to try to go every other week!

If you are a nonmember, live in the Phoenix valley and would like to see what the inside of an LDS temple is like, then lucky for you! The Phoenix temple is having an open house in October and anyone can attend! Reserve your tickets here starting September 29!

I am also grateful for my family and my ward family for all of their love and support! Along with the all the blogging community support at #fireworkpeople and #blessedisshe! Diving in the the blogging world is tough business and I give mad props to everyone who is doing really well!

And of course, I can't forget my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ who make everything possible! Especially for the wonderful Atonement that makes it possible for any and everyone to be forgiven and able to enter again into Their presence! There is beauty in everything!

Sorry again that this was a bit long and I had my bits of rambling but, I hope you enjoyed this labor day weekend and I also hope you have yourself a great week and a great month!

Say positive, stay awesome and stay you!

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