Lots and Lots of Legging!

So if any of you haven't noticed lately, I am obsessed and addicted to leggings right now. I just can't make myself enough! And what's even better? They are SO EASY! It's ridiculous. I love it. I can't stop thinking about it. <3

If you look at my IG at all, you will have an idea. I just got some fabric in the mail yesterday? Sheesh! That's all?! And this is what I got!

And now..... I have two new pairs of leggings!! (Keep scrolling..)

I also have way more fabric in the awesome lightning material that I'm going to make a matching shirt!! This one except it's going to look so much cooler. :) I'm also going to opt out of the pockets. But anyway....

Where I go for material is GirlCharlee. But you can also find something at your local fabric store, however I don't really think they ever have very good options. (And they cost more. Just saying.) The only downfall about buying them online is you have to wait. for. them. I hate that part the most, honestly. I just get super excited. And I'm a little addicted to fabric, especially when they are cute and on sale. You can never go wrong with those!

Anywho...so when I was visiting my family, I went to a local fabric store down there and found a pattern for leggings for only a couple bucks! Great, right?!

The only downfall is, inserting elastic sucks if there is another way, and one of the fabrics I got and make a pair with only had a two way stretch. VERY BAD for leggings for an FYI. You need to make sure your fabric has at least a slight 4 way stretch! Or else they might fall off your bum when you bend down!! The Craftsy leggings explains the best type of fabric for them down below.

These are great and all, and I've made 2 pairs like this BUT I found a better one! And it's free! 

So little back story here. I occasionally like to find craft websites and search for whatever patterns they have for free. So when I was on Craftsy, that's exactly what I did. And voila! Found me another legging pattern! More of the yoga style.

Okay... so it looks like the pattern is no longer available... *annoying!* So if you REALLY want it you can contact me and we can maybe work something out? Or you may be able to find something similar on pinterest or something.. sorry!

I don't need to really make a tutorial out of that because it basically comes with its own tutorial. However, I have really small ankles according to that pattern and I took them in a bit more on the bottom and made them a little bit longer so they would be tight on my ankles and also have a little extra gathered looking fabric.

You also may want to check out these Custom Fit Leggings. You can check out more of her tutorials (I think they all are free!) here!

Just make sure you pin well! Especially when doing the waist band! Oh! And also, a twin needle may come in handy to make the bottom hems look beautiful! (I finally just bought one. Yay!!)

There you have it! I hope you enjoy and of course...

Happy sewing! 

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  1. I have been LOVING these on Instagram! You're seriously making me want to buy a new sewing machine, girly!


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