The biggest thing I've achieved...

Another #projectpositive prompt I'd like to expand a little bit on! (I kind of like these prompts! Get's my brain churning!)

The biggest thing I've achieved...

This is yet another one that just seem so difficult to put one moment on. I feel like I have achieved a lot! And over came a lot. But you might not think some of them are all that impressive. But when you are the subject, when you achieve something, it's a great feeling! Whether big or small!

One of the biggest thing's I've achieved is a temple marriage. The steps that I took to get there also were an achievement on their own.

Just like everyone else living in this world, we all make mistakes. Big one's as well as small. I have had my share of bad decisions (along with good ones!) But for a portion of my life I wasn't happy. Nothing I did could give me complete gratification. There was a lot of instant gratification but eventually it faded and left me, again, with that void. When spiraling down, you don't really notice the journey getting there, you just realize that you are there once you've reached the bottom.

I found complete happiness for myself again through the gospel of Jesus Christ. My spirit began to grow and strengthen and I began to have a positive outlook on life. I would wake up in the morning full of life and energy and I just wanted to love! I found purpose and true meaning to life. Yes, it was a journey to get to where I needed to be, and I'm still progressing and growing, but I got out of my downward spiral and now I'm looking up! And up is the best way to be headed. There is one book that will bring you the most happiness and bring you closest to Christ. And you can learn about it here.

I've also have had other achievements like every time I complete a new sewing project! Especially when I make a mistake and try it again. It is great that we are able to make mistakes because we learn SO MUCH from them! Just think. You will appreciate something that you've done way more if you have to work for it and learn from it. It isn't always as satisfying when we do it right the first time. Where is the challenge? Where is the growth? When that happens to me, I just think... "Well, that was easy..." Putting your blood, sweat and tears into something will make you cherish it more.

I have also had achievements while in Track & Field in HS and college. Getting a new personal best is such a great feeling and accomplishment! I worked hard and I got better!

You cannot achieve anything without working for it first. We cannot expect to sit around and wait for things to come to us. If you want to achieve or accomplish something, go out and get it! Don't give up until you have completed it! All those annoying, tedious or hard steps along the way are shaping you and getting you ready to reach the end goal. You just can't give up. And don't let the success of others discourage you. We are all different! No one should expect more from the best that you can do, whatever that may be. And your best and my best are not the same.

We can all achieve anything we put are minds do. We just have to take the first step!

<3 Until next time

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