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Day Tripper Top (2)

So I told y'all about this top before and if you haven't seen it, go look here. I've been sewing it up a lot lately and the Day Tripper Top is still one of my favorites! I've made so many!! And it's so easy! You can order it here if you'd like! It's a great pattern for beginners and has some good tips for working with knits!

Here are some of my latest ones! And I'm sure there will be many more because I love this top! And the pockets are so fun! It also looks great in a long or short sleeve.

I also get my knit fabrics over at Girl Charlee. Seriously the cutest knits ever and at a great price. Win/Win!

I also just recently found this one in a box of fabric from months ago! (not completely finished) I think I stopped because I didn't like the material. It's made out of woven fabric so it has zero stretch. (it also frays as SOON as you cut it. So annoying! Pinking should help with that) I decided to go ahead and complete the shirt by adding a stret…

Commemorative Air Force Museum

Hello! So this last weekend, my parents were in town. My mama was working up here like she does every so often but this time my dad came up too!

So our plan for Saturday was supposed to be as follows...

-- Wake up early and run 5 miles. Dad should be at the apt when we get home
-- Shower and get ready to go help out at a service project for an Eagle Project.
-- Come home and clean up our apt and finish moving in some more (moving in fully is an ever going process..)
-- Hang out with mama when she gets off work

Boom! Easy enough right?

So Scott and I woke up, but not as early as I would have preferred and our run was TERRIBLE. I really need to figure out a breakfast plan for before a long run... I was starving not even half way through. So we ended up just having a nice little stroll and chit chatting the entire time. :)

On the way to the service project, I decided to wear my little headband thingy since we were going to be doing some cleaning and both Scott and my dad were saying that…

Perfect Pot Roast Every Time!

Hello! Since I am made a Pot Roast today, I thought I would share with you this SUPER easy recipe. And honestly, I think it comes out perfect every time! And it's delicious! Just as good left over as well!

First and foremost, you are going to need a crockpot. Scott and I got this super sweet one for our wedding that turns automatically to warm after the allotted time. Cool right?! No more constant cooking food! Hooray! It's way convenient since from the time I plug it in, to the time we eat, WAY longer than 8 hours. (I also don't recommend cooking on high heat for shorter the time. It tastes way better and the meat is more tender when cooked longer on warm)

Let's get to it!

So really you can customize this the way you choose. I like to use....

- Potatoes
- Carrots
- Onions
- Green Beans (save the juice if you are using from a can!)
- And of course, some type of beef roast. (I think chuck roasts are the best. They have more fat in them but they are juicier and literally…

Social Media - A False Sense of Reality

I can't quite pinpoint what exactly triggered this buttttt oh well. I hope you find my thoughts at least slightly insightful.

Social Media. Creating a false sense of reality.

Let's think about that for a moment. Do you agree with that statement? Do you disagree? First initial thoughts?

I personally think this is a completely accurate statement. Just think about it. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, what do you see? We see your best self. Your "perfected" image of yourself in a sense. I mean, come on. Are you really going to post that picture of yourself with no make up on, or the disastrous burnt, failed recipe you tried to attempt, or that craft project that really was a complete and utter failure? How many selfies did you take before you got the one you were satisfied with? How many pictures do you have online that are raw or unedited? I'm going to assume that there are way more edited/ filtered photos rather than yourself just as you are. I know, cause I&…

100 Things That Make Me Happy

Alrighty... so I saw this little challenge from my girl miss Tasmin Skye and I decided to take a shot at it. I'm going to go ahead and time myself, however, don't let it fool you! I'm at work (shhh!) so there is a very good chance that I will get interrupted!

Scottmusicmy nephewfamilysewingwearing cloths I madeyogalemon lime koolaidsnuggling with my hubbypictures of kittenskittenspeanut (my kitty)pumpkin (my other kitty that lives with my parents)Shooting starsmeteor showersthe lakethe smell of rainthunderstormsa good booktemplesNappingflowersa clean aptthe smell of fresh baked banana breadclean clothsthe warmth of towels when they are fresh out of the driera clean kitchengetting paidmeeting new friendsfamily vacationsrollar coasters river rafting ridescountry swing dancinga walk in the parkpicknicksworking out with my hubbycandleslotionsleeping ina warm showerbubble bathsGeneral Conference Getting the job donefinishing a projectfinishing a paintingceramicsgetting my nails…

Blog Hoppin

It's time for another Humpday Blog Hop! :)

Be a leader

Don't mind me. I'm just going to ramble a wee bit!

First, let's start by looking at the definition of a leader.

According to Google: the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country 1. a person or thing that leads (that's super descriptive..) 2. a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group.

British dictionary: a person who rules, guides, or inspires others; head

That all seems pretty normal and accurate, right?
       Did you know that there are two kinds of leaders? At least that is my thoughts and I have also learned this through my studies in the Pathway program, preparing to attend BYU I online. There is an upper "L" leader and there is a lower "L" leader. Which one do you want to become?

I'm sure we all know what an upper "L" leader is. That would be more of what we would consider a king or a ruler. Someone who directs and takes control. High and mighty, gets to boss peopl…