100 Things That Make Me Happy

Alrighty... so I saw this little challenge from my girl miss Tasmin Skye and I decided to take a shot at it. I'm going to go ahead and time myself, however, don't let it fool you! I'm at work (shhh!) so there is a very good chance that I will get interrupted!

  1. Scott
  2. music
  3. my nephew
  4. family
  5. sewing
  6. wearing cloths I made
  7. yoga
  8. lemon lime koolaid
  9. snuggling with my hubby
  10. pictures of kittens
  11. kittens
  12. peanut (my kitty)
  13. pumpkin (my other kitty that lives with my parents)
  14. Shooting stars
  15. meteor showers
  16. the lake
  17. the smell of rain
  18. thunderstorms
  19. a good book
  20. temples
  21. Napping
  22. flowers
  23. a clean apt
  24. the smell of fresh baked banana bread
  25. clean cloths
  26. the warmth of towels when they are fresh out of the drier
  27. a clean kitchen
  28. getting paid
  29. meeting new friends
  30. family vacations
  31. rollar coasters 
  32. river rafting rides
  33. country swing dancing
  34. a walk in the park
  35. picknicks
  36. working out with my hubby
  37. candles
  38. lotion
  39. sleeping in
  40. a warm shower
  41. bubble baths
  42. General Conference 
  43. Getting the job done
  44. finishing a project
  45. finishing a painting
  46. ceramics
  47. getting my nails done
  48. girl dates
  49. Christmas lights
  50. christmas music
  51. the smell of christmas trees
  52. Cloudy and 75
  53. The beach
  54. Hawaii
  55. Traveling
  56. the woods
  57. new shoes
  58. Birthday cake
  59. Getting a letter in the mail
  60. When my fabric comes in the mail
  61. Surprises
  62. Date night
  63. Nesquick
  64. Christmas time
  65. Paid holidays
  66. bikram yoga
  67. ballet fitness classes
  68. Surprise visits
  69. making things for others
  70. pandora
  71. froyo (frozen yogurt)
  72. clean sheets
  73. vacations
  74. getting a good grade
  75. projects with my daddy
  76. Ice cold water
  77. Cooking with my hubby
  78. New books
  79. Decorating my living quarters
  80. My hubby's kisses
  81. A good foot rub
  82. and back rub
  83. getting my hair washed at a salon
  84. my telly
  85. popsicles
  86. Witnessing random acts of kindness
  87. sailing
  88. being out on the ocean
  89. clean car
  90. Fridays!
  91. Disneyland
  92. silly movies
  93. sleeping in
  94. Learning something new
  95. New episodes of my shows
  96. Miss grasses soup when I'm sick..mmmm
  97. Relaxed weekends
  98. Coming home to a happy kitty
  99. good sushi!
  100. bbq's at my brother's house
haha ah man. Took me about 28 minutes. BUT I was right. I did get interrupted at least twice. 11 minutes tasie? Seriously? I also took my time. I don't think it was supposed to be a speed test...?

If you take the challenge also, post your links! I wanna see! :)

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  1. Man, I think even 28 minutes is really fast to come up with a list like this!

    1. I think after halfway through its like SHEESH this is hard! Same thing with a list of 100 things you are thankful for!

  2. This is so great!! I am totally going to do one!! :)


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