Commemorative Air Force Museum

Hello! So this last weekend, my parents were in town. My mama was working up here like she does every so often but this time my dad came up too!

So our plan for Saturday was supposed to be as follows...

-- Wake up early and run 5 miles. Dad should be at the apt when we get home
-- Shower and get ready to go help out at a service project for an Eagle Project.
-- Come home and clean up our apt and finish moving in some more (moving in fully is an ever going process..)
-- Hang out with mama when she gets off work

Boom! Easy enough right?

So Scott and I woke up, but not as early as I would have preferred and our run was TERRIBLE. I really need to figure out a breakfast plan for before a long run... I was starving not even half way through. So we ended up just having a nice little stroll and chit chatting the entire time. :)

On the way to the service project, I decided to wear my little headband thingy since we were going to be doing some cleaning and both Scott and my dad were saying that I reminded them of the Rivet Girl. So how convenient it was that we drove by the Air Force Commemorative Museum! On the way back home from the service project, we just had to stop here so we could try and get a picture of me next to the B17 that was outside with some other planes...

Just gotta say, I sure felt silly taking some of these pictures.. haha but it was fun! And we got to go inside of the B17!! How cool was that!! I really wanted to be able to go inside the other planes and explore the little crawl spaces to the machine gun spots in the plane...but we weren't allowed..but it was still pretty cool.

But anywho, it was awesome! Definitely a nice little detour that we took and well worth it! Enjoy some photos!

I also got my sewing room more in order. Boom! Productivity!

So it was a good day. Got some things done and a little extra. :)

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