Day Tripper Top (2)

So I told y'all about this top before and if you haven't seen it, go look here. I've been sewing it up a lot lately and the Day Tripper Top is still one of my favorites! I've made so many!! And it's so easy! You can order it here if you'd like! It's a great pattern for beginners and has some good tips for working with knits!

Here are some of my latest ones! And I'm sure there will be many more because I love this top! And the pockets are so fun! It also looks great in a long or short sleeve.

I also get my knit fabrics over at Girl Charlee. Seriously the cutest knits ever and at a great price. Win/Win!

I also just recently found this one in a box of fabric from months ago! (not completely finished) I think I stopped because I didn't like the material. It's made out of woven fabric so it has zero stretch. (it also frays as SOON as you cut it. So annoying! Pinking should help with that) I decided to go ahead and complete the shirt by adding a stretchy ribbed knit on the bottom since it just won't work with that woven fabric on the waist cuff. Not to shabby! Glad I found this little gem to add to my collection! 

It's a wee bit longer that my other ones. Still cute!
I may have more in my closet... and I recently purchased more fabric! Yay! So more more more! Or maybe some more raglan tops! Stay tuned for that post!
I think one of my next go's at the Day Tripper is going to be adding some contrasting colors! Breaking up the top from the bottom, a little similar to this. Easier though because that is in another language and the pages just didn't print out right... but I'm pumped! :) 

Stay tuned for more sewing projects! 

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  1. These a adorable Trissa! Thanks for linking to us :)

  2. Love these!! I so need to make one (or 10!!)


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