Social Media - A False Sense of Reality

I can't quite pinpoint what exactly triggered this buttttt oh well. I hope you find my thoughts at least slightly insightful.

Social Media. Creating a false sense of reality.

Let's think about that for a moment. Do you agree with that statement? Do you disagree? First initial thoughts?

I personally think this is a completely accurate statement. Just think about it. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, what do you see? We see your best self. Your "perfected" image of yourself in a sense. I mean, come on. Are you really going to post that picture of yourself with no make up on, or the disastrous burnt, failed recipe you tried to attempt, or that craft project that really was a complete and utter failure? How many selfies did you take before you got the one you were satisfied with? How many pictures do you have online that are raw or unedited? I'm going to assume that there are way more edited/ filtered photos rather than yourself just as you are. I know, cause I've been there. I mean, that x pro filter really does give just the right about of contrast, right?

Other than our physical image, we also put out the personification that our lives are perfect too. Perfect family, perfect husband, perfect relationship, perfect, well behaved children that are sweet little angels. 

We tend to focus on all of our strengths, good qualities, things that make us feel good because others give us positive feedback. 

This is totally find and dandy to a certain extent, except when it effects the thoughts of others in a negative sense. Your so called "perfect" seeming life makes some of us feel inadequate. Your constant crafting and awesome ideas makes us feel like we aren't making any progress in our craftings or that we just aren't good crafters. We don't see your mistakes or that it took you five times to get that pie just right or you had a cour failed attempts at a sewing project, having to constantly grab your seem ripper...

But we don't see that. We don't see the hard work or the multiple attempts or the little mistakes or spills on our clothes.  

This lack of transparency sometimes gives some of us the feeling that you are better than we are. 

This is so not true. We are all individuals with different talents. Some people are great at blogging, connecting and promoting. Others are great at sewing, painting or scrapbooking. Some don't have a hand or keen eye for crafts but sre great at math or computers and problem solving. Or maybe even baking or patern making or design.

I think we should add a little more transparency into our lives. Help to let other people know that they are doing find with whatever it is they are attempting. Don't worry, I've wasted great fabric too because I cut it out wrong. 

You really don't have to put a sweet filter on every picture. You look exactly how you were intended, and I think that's wonderful. Embrace it. 

Don't get discouraged with all these people doing awesome things. Remember, they had to start somewhere.  Failures included. 

In closing, let me be briefly transparent with you...:
The other day, I left the oven on all day long! (Thank goodness nothing burnt down!)
I love my husband with all my heart, but we fight sometimes. (Or argue?) Completely normal. 
I tried making a dress form and FAILED miserably. See? I swear the foam just keeps growing

It can't even stand up straight because the foam is coming out the butt!

Ugh. It also coated my hands. Gross. Took FOREVER to get that stuff off.

(Sometimes they mean it when they say to wear a glove...)

When I first was getting into sewing, my seam ripper was my best friend. But I hated it haha. Ripping seams SUCKS.
Looking at other people's blogs totally discourages me. I mean come on, WHO TAKES YOUR PICTURES?! I swear a lot of these awesome bloggers have somebody take all their photos OR they awkwardly do it themselves with tripods and such. At least I think that would be awkward in public.  Seriously something that blows my mind and I have yet to know the answer! 
I hate doing the dishes after cooking and like to leave messes. Maybe not like but I occasionally leave messes. 
Sometimes I throw my cat off the bed/couch/etc when she is being ANNOYING. or shove her kindly...
Empty water bottles laying around in my living quarters drives me CRAZY. The only thing that really does. Weird. 

There you have some of my slight transparencies of Trissa. Let's help strengthen those around us that need some extra encouragement by being transparent. Not just by saying "practice makes perfect!" Let's share the shame and our silly imperfections. Let's draw closer together by what makes us human! 

Be a little transparent with me. I'd love to get to know you a little bit better. The real you.


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  1. The rule in our house is to turn on the oven light whenever the oven is on. That way if you forget to turn off the oven, you will notice the light on and that will remind you. That's already helped several times.

    1. The funny thing is that I usually do that! My oven makes little noises also when it's on but I was hurrying up to leave and still forgot. I'm pretty sure I turned off the light and forgot to turn off the oven too

  2. This is such a wonderful post and you are so right! I know I am guilty of using a few too many filters.. haha. I too HATE the dishes (who doesn't!?), but I can't stand a messy kitchen when I cook. So I generally do them before cooking and then leave the mess after dinner till the next shame haha.
    I also sit around in my pjs for 90% of the day until I have to leave to go somewhere (but lets be honest, I avoid that if I can too). Sometimes I go for a walk then after my shower I get right back into them! haha

    Neive xo

    1. Haha I LOVE this! You seriously are awesome.
      I hate doing the dishes also, and lately I've been doing them in the mornings because I NEVER want to do them at night. Especially after cooking. All my efforts usually going into that and not cleaning. It works :)
      Also, pjs seriously are the greatest things ever. I'm sure we all would be happy staying in them all day if we could!

  3. YES, yes, and yes. People (including myself) definitely tend to post only the positives. This can make it so easy to think people have picture perfect lives, and also easy to make us feel inadequate because we compare ourselves to others! I am definitely guilty of editing the heck out of photos, and no blogger ever says how many pictures it REALLY takes to get the perfect one (I take way too many for my posts).
    Thank you for this. There is definitely a false sense of reality, and realizing this discrepancy is so important.

    Jenny @ from the desk of j

    1. I think the most important thing is to realize the discrepancy and not comparing ourselves to others! We are all equally important and we all contribute different talents to society. If we all were the same, what good would that be?! Sometimes it's good to just take a step back and remember who we are individually and stop comparing. :) Thank you!


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