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Thanksgiving Giveaway!

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Moist Banana Bread

Okay so funny story... There are two ladies at my work that refuse to eat bananas once they have any speckle of brown on it. Brown speckles are the optimal time for eating the bananas! And more nutritional value than when they are green!!

So because of this, one of the ladies gave me an entire hand of bananas... approximately 7 bananas? (Fun fact: a hand of bananas = a bunch like you would get from the store and a finger is just one banana, silly huh?) And then the other lady gave me one that she just couldn't handle trying to eat because it as too mushy. Silly silly ladies! I also had a few ready to use bananas at home that I just hadn't gotten around to making banana bread yet. So now I had ten bananas to make bread with! (the recipe only calls for 2-3 per recipe!) Then my husband decided to eat one of the gross mushy brown bananas instead of the hand that was nice and yellow. (He comes from a family where you eat the stuff going bad first before you eat the nice fresh stuff…

The Frances Dress

Hello! So about two months ago I purchased a workshop on Craftsy for I think half off?? (pretty great right?) It's called the Frances Dress which was designed by Alexia Abegg. (I'm not sure if it's still up for purchasing because I can't find a link! It was an October workshop.) There are a lot of things that I learned from tackling this dress! (I'm actually in the process of making this dress pattern into a shirt with this super soft flannel material I got recently! I'll totally update you whenever I finish it.) 

Anyway, this so called workshop came with the pattern which had the typical XS-XL on it (though I wish there was an XXS because I guess I'm smaller than the average lady that patterns are made for...) as well as the material (I got to choose from two fabric designs) and directions. On Craftsy, for the workshop, there were more in-depth details of how to complete the project. 
I started this project on a day that I like to call "Sewing with Sue&…