The Essential Tee

So I was a little adventurous and decided to experiment on rub off pattering! (I found the link on pinterest <3) Since I've been sewing more and more, this was really useful, and it worked! And the best thing about it is I now have a pattern so I can make more shirts like it if I want to. 

This is the original shirt that I just love from DownEast Basics. And since I love the fit so much, I decided to try rubbing off the pattern! It's a super neat trick and a lot more precise than just tracing the outline of the shirt. 

Original shirt

I like using the brown packing paper because the needle makes nice holes and I don't have to tape anything! And it's super cheap. 

So I did it slightly different than the link up top. I didn't leave the needles in the fabric and pattern paper. I just poked holes all the way around. (Just halfway because I'm going to be cutting on the fold. And this makes sure both sides are the same) After making the holes, I used a pencil to connect the dots. Then I used my French curve to perfect all the curves. (A french curve isn't very expensive and its a great and useful tool. Invest in one! You won't be disappointed.) You are then going to want to give yourself a seam allowance and then cut out your pattern pieces! 

Once you make your first top using the rub off technique, you still may need to make additional adjustments to the pattern. I had to with the sleeves..

You also may have to play around with the length of the neck piece. (Pinning and repinning, as well as shortening or lengthening the neck piece..)  I have a bunch of patterns and for this shirt I used the neckline from the Out and About dress. (Typical tshirt style neckband) It's about 1.5-2 in wide and the length depends on the neck shape.

Finally, you can cut out your fabric and begin making your shirt! 

Looking at this makes my eyes hurt! 
Almost donnneeee!! 
The neck line is smiling at you :) One day I'll be able to serge this.. (makes me nervous..)

I love this style of shirt! It's super cute! And I especially love the half sleeves. Rub off pattern making is definitely a great sewing skill to acquire!

Happy sewing! <3

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  1. oh gosh this made me wish so badly that i knew how to sew!! you did a fantastic job!

    1. Remember, you just have to start somewhere! :) And thanks!


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