Love At First Stitch

Okay okay okay... as much as I love knit fabrics, I think I'm going to take a break from them for a little while. (My hubby would love a complete break for bit.. but i doubt that's going to happen..sorry!) I've been really itching to get out my book from Tilly and The Buttons again. (photo left)

She has such cute vintage looking skirts, dresses, tops, etc. I love it!! I've only tackled her Clémence skirt (see below!) and her super cute bow belt! But I really want to whip out some of her dresses. They are so cute. I was almost going to start making one...but then I didn't. (Probably got distracted with another project or something.) I still have the fabric for it. Maybe this means it's time to start it! The fabric is this super cute, super light blue with white designs. Also, the Mimi Blouse is adorable! That is definitely on my to-do in the very near future. (I just need some fabric for that..wink!..) If you are a beginning sewer, Tilly's book is a must have! It has great explanations on how to do the basics and has very useful techniques in sewing and construction. It's called Love at First Stitch. (I seriously had a love at my first stitch <3) Tilly is super adorable! I would totally go to one of her workshops if I lived in the UK.

Another plus with cotton fabric and other types of non knit fabric, they usually sell them for good prices at the fabric stores. (The down fall is some of the fabric types fray!) Knits are always way over priced and there really aren't that many cute, stylish options; which is why I usually always buy my super adorable knits from Girl Charlee. I've seen some other online sites with cute fabric options, but honestly, the prices doesn't beat Girl Charlee. I haven't found anything thing that comes close in comparison yet. (My apologies for those of you not in the US! The cost for shipping probably wouldn't make it worth it...sad day...) Oh my lanta...the fabrics here at Ray Stitch are super cute too! But they are from the uk...I'm going to see if I can maybe get a few eventually... so cute I almost can't handle it. :)

Anyway, please, please, please share with me where you get your patterns and fabric! I would love to grow my collection and discover new patterns that work really well! (I have a few patterns that I just use and abuse and alter and whatnot.) And I'll share what I find too!

Anyway, stay tuned for some super cute and new creations! I'll be more than happy to share. :)

(Photo props to Photography Hill!)

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