Refuse 'Demo'

Hello ladies and gents!

I am just so exciting right now! So a few years ago, I used to write music with my friend Mark. It was super fun. He's basically a musical genius. I only wish I was a musical genius... I only know like seven chords on a guitar...and I could maybe get better than barely decent on the piano...if I happened to have one in my disposal... Any who, I haven't really written anything in..uh...years. It's hard to write music when your happy and content. Sad songs are so much easier! And I love minor chords!

So with that, I whipped up something on garageband! It was kind of my little practice run. I wrote the song a few years ago. I spliced it up a bit though and I think it sounds pretty decent. Not as awesome as if I were able to have Mark assist me...but that's besides the point.

Go take a gander if you wish! Here! (Or click the picture..) I hope you like it. (At least just a little bit.) Hopefully we can look forward to some more music in the future. In the mean time, check out my other sounds. Fading Spaces

Thanks! :)

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  1. I agree, so much easier to write songs when you're sad. But great job!

    1. Right?! I give mad props to those who can constantly write those happy jingles and melodies!


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