Gardening 101

If you follow my instagram, you may have seen my attempts at growing an avocado tree from a seed, reviving my orchid and trying to grow a baby pineapple into a plant to get another pineapple. It is now time to officially test out how green my thumb is! I went to Home Depot the other day. I was pretty stoked and bought some things to grow and plant, replant, etc.

Here are the things I got at Home Depot:
  1. Kellogg Patio Plus (1.5 cubic FT): $5.97 
    • There are a lot of different soils out there that will work fine. The gentleman in the gardening department suggested this particular one to me. You get a LOT for a little. He also said that this soil is good for both flowers and fruit/vegetable plants. Win - win
  2. Vitamin B-1: $5.98 
    • This helps stimulate root growth and helps prevent shock. It's a really great deal as well. For each use, you only use 2 Tbsp's that will be added to a gallon of water. It will basically last a long while. I got it mainly for my strawberry plant (I'll go into it a little more in that post)
  3. Miracle Grow Orchid Potting Mix: $4.77 
  4. Jiffy 12 Peat Pellet Greenhouse 
    • This helps grow seedlings before planting to a larger pot
  5. #3 Black Nursery Container (the bigger one): $3.57
  6. 8" Newbury Plastic Planter: $2.67
  7. 5.5" Glazed Clay Pedestal Bowl: $6.98
  8. Strawberry plant (2 little bushes)$3.68
  9. Sunflower Seeds (American Giant): $1.58

Here are my to do's for my mini gardening:
  1. Replant orchid
  2. Plant avocado seed (it has been growing roots from sitting in water)
  3. Plant pineapple plant (it also has been growing roots from sitting in water)
  4. Pot my strawberry plant
  5. Plant my sunflower seeds in the little seedling starter
  6. Grow an orange tree from a seed
Since I have so many different plants that I'm attempting or working with, I'll be updating them individually. (I don't really want the posts to be ridiculously long...and I'm sure you don't either.) For my gardening to do list, I will be linking the initial post for each one (once I have posted it) to each number on the list. So stay tuned!

Also, feel free to check out the Gardening tab at the top of the blog to keep updated with everything I've been doing in reference to gardening and planting.  

Come with me on my gardening journey and maybe you will decide to plant some things too!


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