Sunflowers 101

I absolutely love sunflowers! They are so pretty and happy! I'm attempting to grow some and I am super pumped. These ones are the super gigantic sunflower. If they were in the perfect environment, they would grow up to 16 ft tall with a 10 in diameter for the bloom. That's huge! When I'm at work I sometimes think, "my sunflowers could be taller than the ceiling!" And if all goes well, I will have blooms by the end of April.

I have 12 seeds that I'm trying to sprout right now. I began my little project on February 12th and I already have 3 pretty little sprouts! (Keep scrolling for the progression!) And more are growing. They probably won't reach their full potential because I'm only going to be keeping them in a smaller pot. One day, I would like to have a field of sunflowers and daisies, and of course strawberries everywhere!

I am really enjoying this whole gardening thing. (One of my new found hobbies) It's so fun! And so far my thumb is green. :)

So sunflowers, like its name, need sun. They follow the sun and thrive in full sunlight. They take about 2-3 weeks to germinate and they take 65-75 days to bloom. Another great thing about sunflowers is their seeds! You can harvest them to roast and eat, or use them to plant some more. I'd prefer to just use the seeds to plant some more! In the Phoenix Valley, the best time to plant sunflowers are in-between the months of February-July. The approximate harvest time is 90-100 days, but that also really depends on when the back of the sunflower starts yellowing. (A good sign its about time to cut the flower for harvest) Also, if you are planting them in a garden, some good companies to the wonderful sunflowers are cucumbers, corn, peppers, tomatoes, and soybeans.

This is the little greenhouse I got for my flowers. Just add water! 

See? Ta da! Ready to plant!

2/20/15 Already have some seed activity and only after one week!

2/22/15 The first sunflower is about to fully pop out! 

2/23/15 And one day later, we have a seedling! See the disruption in soil in the second one from the top left?

2/24/15 This is right before I replanted it because the big one was toughing the top of the greenhouse.

2/26/15 Ta da! Look at that?! Four more!

2/27/15 This is the three that are newly planted. Nine more to go! (they are happily under my new grow light!)

I can't wait to see what they look like in a couple weeks! And then in another month! Especially now that I bought a grow light for them, they should have great progress. :) Can't wait for pretty flowers. I also can't wait for the progress on all my other plants! Hooray for springtime!!

Stay tuned for more updates! And check out my instagram for more current updates!

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