Weekly Ranting

Recently, I read the most ridiculous thing ever, at least the most ridiculous in the last week... So on facebook, your friends occasionallyor a little more often that you'd likeshare or "like" different little buzzfeed stories or something along this nature. I occasionally will read the ones with the lists, mainly out of curiosity. This particular one was 12 Things No Woman Should EVER Do in Front of Her Husband. Naturally this sparked my curiosity because I am married and I was interested to know what this lady thinks I shouldn't be doing in front of my hubby.

Oh my goodness, this was so silly! So after the first couple of them, I didn't even read her reasonings, I was just dying to know what else she didn't think was okay. And apparently after 10 years of marriage, she didn't do any of these twelve things, which I think is CRAZY honestly. Showering, urinating, have babies, laugh until soda came out of your nose, and sleeping are all okay to do in front of your spouse, but here is a list of things that a woman should never EVER do...

1. Be sick to your stomach (the number 2 kind of way)
Okay, what? It's not like anyone would have a choice on this matter, right? Besides, if I wasn't feeling well, I wouldn't hide this from my husband. I wouldn't appreciate him knowing so if I were to need anything, he would be able help. Obviously I wouldn't make him stay in the bathroom with me... unless he really wanted to. lol

2. Pick your nose
Stupid. Just stupid. I won't pick my nose in public with people watching, but I'll totally do it in front of my hubby. No shame.

3. Clip your toenails
This is also stupid. There is nothing wrong or gross about clipping your toe nails or any nails. I'm pretty sure I've clipped Scott's nails once or twice. But it's only gross if you leave your clippings everywhere.

4. Pick a wedgie 

5. Floss your teeth
Also stupid.

6. Shave your face (for exfoliating or for removing hair)
She thinks you should NEVER let your husband see you do this. Personally, I think shaving your face as an exfoliant is kind of weird. If you have hair on your face, so what? You shouldn't have to hide it from your spouse who is supposed to love you for everything that you are, flaws and all.

7. Pop your pimples
Stupid. I bet there are a lot of couple that assist each other on this one. Sometimes there are hard to reach ones and what's better than to ask your trusty sidekick to help?

8. Belch
I'm sure this would be annoying for anyone if it someone did it ALL the time. But still, I think it's stupid.

9. Remove any kind of hair

10. Poop
Stupid. What, are you ashamed? It's your spouse. No big deal.

11. Drive badly
Also stupid. It's not like people drive badly on purpose. (unless you are naturally a really bad driver) Besides, I don't see how this is really that big of a deal.

12. Criticize his "manhood"
This really is just stupid because why would anyone do this anyway? This is a no brainer.

SERIOUSLY? Stupid. I was under the impression that when you get married to your eternal companion, you can be 100% yourself and 100% comfortable with them. I don't think there should ever be anything you can't do with your spouse. I mean, I must be a terrible wife if we've only been married for a year and we have both probably done these things multiple times (not including number 12). You shouldn't feel the need to be ashamed or embarrassed to do anything in front of your spouse.

I love my hubby for all that he is and I'm sure he loves me for all that I am. What would life be if we couldn't have someone to be silly, gross, comfortable, goofy, and everything else with, right? That's one great thing about marriage! Total comfortability. No shame.

Anyway, don't listen to this silly list of nonsense. You definitely may need to hold off on most all of these things, and then some, when you are dating, but once married, who cares! :) Your hubby should love you no matter what! Flaws and all. <3

Anyway, that's my rant for the week.


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  1. Agreed. This is absolutely the stupidest list in the world. The only one that should remain is #12. My husband has expressed how uncomfortable numbers 8 and 10 make him, so I no longer let out huge burps and I always close the door while using the toilet. haha. But some people don't mind these things at all.

    1. Yeah 12 is the only thing I can see because it's just obvious. Scott and I will belch occasionally but never in public when it's inappropriate. I'm an open book with Scott, no shame. :) So nothing on this list really bothers either of us.

  2. Oh my gosh. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read (the original post, not yours). WHO ON EARTH WOULD NOT WANT YOUR HUSBAND TO KNOW YOU ARE SICK? I don't want my husband sitting in the bathroom with me, but I do want him to take care of me and help me and bring me a glass of water or something! Ridiculous.

    1. Right?! It's ridiculous. And it baffles me that someone could go through 11 years of marriage and not do any of those things! I can't imagine going a week, let alone a year, and not hitting at least a couple of these!

  3. Totally agree. It's like, do you not want to feel comfortable around your husband?

    1. It would be so exhausting! And I can't imagine any husband making a big deal about his lady doing any of those things...because it's normal! :)


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