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San Diego!

Over President's Day weekend, Scott and I went to California! San Diego to be exact... We both had President's Day off from work, so what better to do than go out of town on a three day weekend!

It was a blast! And especially nice to get out of the desert. We did have a few issues with our hotel when we got there. We had three different rooms before we actually had keys to the room we actually stayed in. A little irritating. (Sometimes when you book online, the descriptions are a lie! Which is a little silly really..)

So whenever Scott and I are going to go anywhere and leave in the morning, we have a really bad habit of leaving 2 hours later than we wanted. This was definitely the case. We wanted to get up really early, leave around 630-7, which means we would get to the beach around lunch time...we left 2 hours later... (it's a terrible habit that we are trying to break!) So after we got to Cali, the first stop was the beach! Parking at Mission beach is a pain in the but…

Technology: A Help or A Hindrance?

So in my class these last few weeks, we've been working on a persuasive essay. I hate essays and writing papers. They are the worst! But I'd like to share this one that I wrote and then a little more insights that I have as well. It's not the greatest, because I hate writing for school. (I'm so ready for next semester...math!)
Modern technology is simply an advancement of old technology and it advanced so rapidly that society scarcely noticed the significant impact that it has created. It began with the advent of the radio in the early 1900s, and then with the television (TV) in the 1950s. In 1969, the United States NASA program launched a rocket to the moon, landed astronauts on the moon, and returned them safely back to Earth using less computational power than what is found in today’s smart phone. That is remarkable but society now relies heavily on communication, information, and transportation technology to make life faster and more efficient. With this increase of…

True Bias - Hudson Pants

The Hudson Pants have got to be one of my favorite patterns! I've made two pairs but one I wear all the time and the other not so much. Mostly because it's made out of a more spandex material and it's still a little chilly outside for that. But anyway, you can buy the pattern here! (It's a downloadable PDF pattern) It was created by True Bias. I got my fabric from Girl Charlee. I have some purple sweatshirt fabric that I want to make another pair from...but I really want to get some fabric paint and stamp it up first! That way it's not so plain and purple. But I'm pretty pumped about that.

It took me a second to figure out certain parts of the pattern, but that could be because I like to just look at the pictures and ignore all the words that correspond... :) I also chose to opt out of the string tie. Two reasons: first, my button hole function is finicky and I really need to take my machine to get fixed before the warranty is out, which is at the end of this m…