San Diego!

Over President's Day weekend, Scott and I went to California! San Diego to be exact... We both had President's Day off from work, so what better to do than go out of town on a three day weekend!

It was a blast! And especially nice to get out of the desert. We did have a few issues with our hotel when we got there. We had three different rooms before we actually had keys to the room we actually stayed in. A little irritating. (Sometimes when you book online, the descriptions are a lie! Which is a little silly really..)

So whenever Scott and I are going to go anywhere and leave in the morning, we have a really bad habit of leaving 2 hours later than we wanted. This was definitely the case. We wanted to get up really early, leave around 630-7, which means we would get to the beach around lunch time...we left 2 hours later... (it's a terrible habit that we are trying to break!) So after we got to Cali, the first stop was the beach! Parking at Mission beach is a pain in the butt in the afternoon. We also walked along the boardwalk. And the weather was perfect.

The next day we went whale watching! That was SO much fun! We saw eleven whales! At one point, it looked like there was a little group of 4 or 5. Scott also was able to get some pretty good pictures of some tail fins! So with whale watching, there are a few tricks. Once you spot the spray, you will most likely see it again in another minute or two. If you see the tail fin, it means the whale is going for a deeper dive and won't come back up for about 5 minutes, maybe a little longer. It was definitely fun spotting them and trying to guess where they were going to pop back up again. I would do it again, and there are deals usually on Groupon!

We also were able to go to the USS Midway museum. Now that is cool! The ship is huge! I would definitely suggest going to see that. This older couple that was in front of us in line let us use their discount pass with them so we got it half off. I think she had a museum booklet pass thing that may allow you to have discounted tickets on a bunch of museums. I definitely have to look into that the next time we go.

We decided to go over to La Jolla Cove, but for some reason when we went, we were permanently in a cloud. It was so foggy you could hardly see anything! It was still pretty, but the cliff looking down to the beach was a little pathetic. You could barely see the waves break at the shore and then farther out was just fog. I would like to drive through there again sometime when it's less foggy. It's supposed to have beautiful sunsets! Next time... Oh, and the parking there is terrible.

The Mormon Battalion Museum was also really neat! I didn't even know it was in Cali until one of my friends mentioned it. It's has a lot of great history and the way they present it is interactive, great for little munchkins! I also didn't know that the Mormon Battalion passed through Tucson! (Where I'm from.) They also where a big instrument in the development of San Diego in the beginning. Pretty cool!

We also went to Balboa Park, which is something that we have to go back to. There are so many museums but you can't go to all of them because it would be so expensive! The zoo is also really close to the park, but we didn't make it there this trip.

Side note, when we were ALMOST to Balboa park, we got rear ended! What's up with that?! Don't worry, no body got hurt. It wasn't the worst news though. We were able to fix another little mark up on the car from a previous incident for a little cheaper! (The bumper was a lot of the cost to fix the initial issue, but then that was covered with insurance, so it made the rest not so bad.) 

All in all, it was a nice little break from Arizona, but never long enough! Maybe one of our next trips will get to be a cruise! (fingers crossed!)

See below for a few photos! :)

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