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Patterns, Memes and Other Things

Why hello there! I decided to drop in today and let you know that I am still alive and well. Don't you worry about a thing.

For starters, I honestly don't see how people can keep so up to date on blogging! I honestly don't feel like it sometimes. Or maybe it's most of the time lately...Busy busy busy... busy with work, busy with family, busy with friends, busy with my plants, busy painting, busy sewing, busy not sleeping even though I really really really want to be sleeping! You know, that kind of being a little bit busy. Though, in all honesty...

Haha...right?! I mean, come on... who is with me with that one? Or shall I say, who isn't with me?! *Crickets*
Anyway, I thought I would share some sewing related memes that I thought were a little funny. Some of these pertain directly with my life. Scroll all the way down and I'll also share some sewing patterns that I absolutely adore right now. I'll go into a little more depth with them next time. So for now j…