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How To Sew on a Neckband - Knits

Why hello! Yes, it has been ages and ages since I've posted last and I do apologize. Life gets busy! But if you'd like, you can stay more up to date on projects through my instagram. Solution.


So I decided to make a little video on how I do my neckbands. I usually always start off with the size of the neckband that a specific pattern calls for. Then, after I pin it onto the shirt, I can tell if I need it to be shorter or a little longer based on how much or little I'm stretching the neckband to fit. Generally the neckband is about 80% of the shirts neck hole.

It's definitely something that will take practice, so don't get discouraged!

After watching the video, please please let me know if I was unclear with anything and need to do some additional explaining on here.