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TruHit Challenge Recap/BBG Challenge

Hello! So if you remember, in November I did the TruHit fitness challenge. In order to qualify for the challenge, you had to go to the orientation for information and the assessment test. Then you had one month of free membership. In order to qualify for a possible prize, you had to attend at least 12 classes. (Sadly, I only made 10! But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have one anyway!) You then had to attend the final assessment, which I went to anyway. Here are my results! I'm pretty pleased. However, ignore some of the measurements...they clearly didn't measure the same both times...

I feel like I killed it on the second assessment! (Push ups and sit ups are as many as you can do in 2 min. and the run is a mile.) As I continue my fitness journey, I want to do the sit ups and pushups on a regular basis to track my progress. Rather than one a month, I may do it every other month or once every three. I haven't officially decided yet.

Specialized gyms can also get pretty…

A Savior is Born - Christmas Video

I thought I should share this. I hope you and your families are enjoying this wonderful Christmas season! <3