Family Photos 2016 plus Updates!

I really love pictures but I am really bad at taking them with my hubby and me. Mainly, selfies get really old (and pretty awkward!) and I don't always care to ask a stranger to take our picture... (When I strike it rich, I'll just hire a forever photographer!) 

So with that, I plan on getting family photos done once a year, around our anniversary. It works out pretty perfect since it's right around the start of the new year! We just had our 2 year the end of December, which means picture time! This year we decided to include the entire family! ;)

My beautiful friend Annie did our pictures. She is fabulous! Check out her FB page here!

Since this is sort of the start of the new year, I might as well give an update on what has been going on in our lives!

In August of 2015, Scott and I bought a house! We have been hard at work remodeling and renovating. We finally are to the point where we have an almost kitchen! It's really fun to watch it transform, it just takes so darn long. So far we have done all the work ourselves with the help of my dad. So grateful for all his help! I'll be sure to expound more on this in another post with our progress photos!

One of the best things about our house (in my opinion) is the garden! It came with  a really nice sized garden with irrigation already installed. Last year was my first time gardening for real and I had great success! I was a little late in the planting season but this year we will be ready! I'll be sure to update on this years awesome gardening adventure!

We've also been on a few trips recently, Utah over Christmas and we just recently went to California to spend some time at the happiest place on earth! (Disneyland) Hopefully we will start doing a little more traveling together! <3

Work is going well for the both of us, which is always a plus! 

I've also been sewing quite a bit and Scott got me a coverstitch machine for Christmas! (Yay!) Soon I will show you all the things I've been making! I'm also debating if I want to start selling some handmade clothing...

That's basically the jist for now. :)

Anyway, please enjoy some family photos!

Family photos with miss Peanut! <3 Love her to pieces! She was a little but of a turd though...she just wanted to run around and explore, which doesn't work too well when trying to take pictures! Maybe she will be better at taking pictures when she's a little older...


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  1. I love these. You both look so happy :)

    1. I just wish peanut looked just as happy, ha! :)

  2. I love your outfit!
    Yeah! Clothes! I should send you my measurements ;) email me your rates:

  3. Love updating photos for you guys each year!
    Also, let's work something out for shooting your seeing masterpieces! Once a month? Every 2 weeks? Flat rate for a quick shoot whenever you have a few things you want photographed? Not sure how often you finish things...but seriously, email me and let me know what you think might work for you and maybe we can make it happen! At least while I am in town!


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