Birthday Surprise!

Ladies and gents, it's time to introduce the newest member of our family! So a little back story first. Scott and I are remodeling our house. We still have quite some time before it's finished. I've been bringing up the puppy idea to Scott off and on for quite a few months. Also, every so often we would go to the pet store to get our puppy fix! It was great. We also decided that once we finish the house, we would get a puppy. Like a little reward!

So my birthday was earlier this month. On one of our weekend excursions to HomeDepot or Lowe's, Scott tells me that... my birthday is coming up and he wanted it to be a surprise....but I should be the one to pick it out. Honestly, I had no idea what he was talking about! I mean, he totally could have been talking about fabric! (Since we all know that I need more!) And then he said I could get a little puppy! So with that, the search began!

It didn't take all too long since I found one that same day. Ha! She's perfect! Her name is Bella. A cute little ball of fluff. She was also meant to be since her birthday happens to fall on our wedding anniversary! (Fate!) She's a cute little Cockapoo (cocker spaniel/ poodle mix). It's said that she will grow up to be between 15-20 lbs, which is perfect for me! Not to tiny, but not huge either. And her coat is apricot, which is just the color I wanted in a pup! <3

House training is super fun though...Bleh! If she leaves the room you are in, she's probably looking for a place to pee. She's 12 weeks old right now though and approximately 5 lbs. Good news is, she is sleeping through the night! Cries all the time when I put her down in her kennel when I have to leave but good news! She hasn't had any accidents! (Knock on wood!!) For being so tiny, she's great at holding her little bladder. Just not so much when she can roam around the house. We make sure all the doors to carpet stay closed!

It's a fun little adventure and she should be with us for quite some time! Enjoy a few pictures of our little furbaby. This also means that it's already time to update our family photos!! Though I'm not so sure how well that would be with a kitty and a pup... <3

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