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Hello World!

I'd like to welcome to the world our little man Maxwell.

Isn't he the cutest?! And so much hair! 😍  Can you believe it? We are parents! A whopping 8lbs 4oz and approximately 19 inches long. (They measured him at 21 1/4 inches but a few days later at his pediatrician appointment they measured 19?? So we aren't quite sure how long he really was at birth. Maybe he had a really bad cone head and it went back to normal in a few days...)
He is such a bundle of joy and the best baby we could have ever hoped for! <3
I started noticing what I was 75% sure were contractions around 9pm on Tuesday night. Max was my first, so I had absolutely no idea what anything was supposed to feel like, and my water didn't break at home, sooooo, yeah. I was texting my girlfriends during this time and they were pretty sure it was contractions. I tried to go to sleep but I just could not get comfortable! And I'm not used to going to sleep before 11, ha! Getting closer to 1am, Scott i…