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Hollywood, Los Angeles - California

Has is seriously been a whole month since our mini vacation to Hollywood, California?! Where in the world has time gone?! This year is already halfway over. What the crap?

We recently took a mini vacation to Hollywood, California and it was the first official vacation with Max! And guess what? We survived sleeping in the same room! Haha. Max has slept in is own crib, in his own room since we came home from the hospital. So I'm 95% sure this was the first time sleeping in the same room as him, just shy of one year old. This doesn't include the few occasions when I fell asleep on the rocker in his nursery to make sure he actually fell asleep in his crib before I went back to my bed... I love the newborn stage, just not the sleepless nights! Anyway...back to California!

We stayed at the Highland Gardens Hotel, which was in walking distance to Hollywood Blvd (which is not really all that exciting. Just a normal road with the stars all over the place). We decided to spend a little…

Petite Stitchery & Co - Franken Tank

The Franken Tank by Petite Stitchery & Co officially released this morning! Seriously the cutest tank and shorties combo with well over 40 different combinations! Currently on sale for a limited time in sizes NB-4. The Franken Tank gets its name from the progression of the pattern. In testing, it was originally just a tank and shorties. And then a banded romper was added, along with a hood, skirt, solid romper, two waistbands, color blocking options...etc. (Let's just say it escalated quickly...) All the different possible options makes it a great pattern to have in your stash. I've already made way too many for Max. But they are so perfect for this Arizona heat!

Seriously, so cute! And I must say, my photography skills are definitely getting better! Make sure to use #psfrankentank on social media if you make any of these and be sure to tag me @tmcreates or link me in the comments so I can see. And if you want to stay up-to-date on all of my makes, follow me on instagram!

Petite Stitchery & Co - Taffy Dress

Guess what?! The Taffy Dress is officially released! And it's currently on sale until Monday, June 25th!

I absolutely love the drop waist of this dress. It's super cute and something I haven't seen very much of. I'm also pretty sure the plain dress version is one of my new favorites. The fit is seriously perfect. It has a nice relaxed fit that makes it not seem super dressy. You, of course, can dress it up, but I think it is the perfect casual dress! I recently got some cherry DPB fabric that I was pretty sure I had my mind set on the Boho Babydoll... but I'm pretty sure it needs to be a Taffy! 😍 However, I have way to many projects going on, too many tests, and my sewing room is a disaster (Again!). So hopefully I'll be able to cut into my pretty cherries soon!

Good news, I didn't have to do too many modifications do this dress, which makes everything way nicer! I did, however, lengthen where the drop waist hits (by 2 inches), mainly for modesty coverage

Me-Made-May 2018 Recap

My goodness, it's already been almost a month since May ended and I'm finally getting around to this. How is June already almost over?! Anyway, my Me-Made-May was a bit of a challenge. I had a handful of repeats, so hopefully next year will be much better on the me-made front. This year, my main problem is that I work from home. Which means that I rarely get dressed in the morning. And on top of that, I mainly leave the house to go to the gym (and I have hardly ANY  me made workout clothes...) or to the grocery store. Most of my me-mades are dresses or cute tops that I would wear if I need to look decent out in public, not necessarily lounging around the house... So essentially, my me-made-May consisted of a whole lot of me made comfy pants! Next year, I think I might shoot for a mama-made-May (as well as a me-made)! Then, Max can join me in wearing some mama-made makes! 
Anyway, here is my recap! (Sorry, no hyperlinks 'cause I'm being a bum.) 

May 1 - Tilly and the B…