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Sew A Little Seam - Movie Night PJs

Oh my goodness, these Movie Nigh Pajamas by Sew A Little Seam are the BEST! Definitely not just for movie nights, girl's night, lounging around the house or sleeping. They are for everything! (Nobody said you have to wear the top and bottom at the same time! My sister would say I'm not allowed to wear them the same time...outside of the house. But I totally would. )

The pants from the Movie Night Pajamas are seriously my FAVORITE! <3! I love all the cuffs, which means no hemming! I probably wear the bottoms more than I wear leggings, which says a lot because I loooove leggings. I definitely wear them weekly, until they are all dirty and I have to do laundry....

This is a pretty standard pattern with a handful of options. The top has a crew and scoop neck with an option for a placket and long, 3/4 and short sleeve options. Bottoms can have cuffs or hemmed with pants, capris or shorts!

Me-Made-May 2018

This is the first year that I have officially signed up for the Me-Made-May challenge that was created by Zoe from So, Zo, What Do You Know?. I am super pumped for this! The challenge is in it's 9th year!

You can sign up by hoping over to Zoe's blog and submit your pledge by commenting on her post here. You can be as specific as you'd like to make the challenge personal to you. And you MUST submit your pledge before May 1st!

My Me-Made-May Pledge:

Hey June Handmade - Halifax Hoodie

Probably one of the worst things about living in Phoenix (other than the super hot summers) is the lack of seasons. It was almost 100 degrees today...and it's April! Spring and Fall don't exist here. It's just hot and hotter (and cold but to everyone else, it's really not that cold), which can sometimes be a little depressing. But from November (ish) to March (ish) we can wear cardigans and light jackets all the time! And do you know what is perfect for that? The Halifax Hoodie by Hey June. Love it! I've acquired so many patterns that I have to look through them for a refresher so I can make more of my favorites!

This is a pretty straight forward sew and it comes with a few different options. This one is my favorite! A simple, yet classy sweater style. There is also options for a pullover hoddie (or cowl neck!) with a hangaroo pocket, and the classic zip-up hoddie.

Don't mind how skinny I look in these photos... I've since been doing Crossfit (more about t…

Petite Stitchery & Co - Sweet Tea

Petite Stitchery & Co has been releasing new patterns like crazy! It's ridiculous and awesome all at the same time. The designers must be super busy! I just discovered them a few months back (they don't have a super huge following compared to some other pattern companies but they have some really really cute patterns!) and was able to join their group of testers. Testing patterns is a slightly stressful but really fun experience. (Probably more stressful for the designer!) 

Petite Stitchery & Co tends to release patterns on Thursday and this Thursday they are releasing seven new patterns! I had the opportunity to test the new Women's Sweet Tea. I am super excited for this! It's a swing dress & top with a modest cold shoulder (that's right, it covers garments and can be easily modified for the sleeve opening to be a little bit lower! Hooray for modest LDS sewing!), bottom of the sleeves tying in a bow and it comes in sizes XS-3X and three sleeve lengths.…

Petite Stitchery & Co - Emerson V-Neck

Isn't this cute?! I had the chance to help test the Emerson Top for Petite Stitchery & Co. (They have so many cute patterns over there! They also just released a handful of super cute patterns for women and girls. Go take a looksie!) Pattern testing is fun but can be a little stressful - depending on how quick the turn around time is for fit and final photos. But I love it!

The pattern is a semi-fitted v-neck (front and back!) with multiple flounce and plain sleeve options.

The flounce sleeve options make me a little nervous, only because I'm not quite sure if I can pull it off. Nevertheless, one of these days I'll attempt it before I make up my mind completely. Here is the front and back view. It also has a slight curved hem (that I love to hate since hemming curves aren't my favorite). 

Fabric is a super soft french terry from So Sew English. (I am seriously obsessed with there fabric. I recently ordered like 8 or 9 yards...and I really don't need any more f…