Hey June Handmade - Halifax Hoodie

Probably one of the worst things about living in Phoenix (other than the super hot summers) is the lack of seasons. It was almost 100 degrees today...and it's April! Spring and Fall don't exist here. It's just hot and hotter (and cold but to everyone else, it's really not that cold), which can sometimes be a little depressing. But from November (ish) to March (ish) we can wear cardigans and light jackets all the time! And do you know what is perfect for that? The Halifax Hoodie by Hey June. Love it! I've acquired so many patterns that I have to look through them for a refresher so I can make more of my favorites!

This is a pretty straight forward sew and it comes with a few different options. This one is my favorite! A simple, yet classy sweater style. There is also options for a pullover hoddie (or cowl neck!) with a hangaroo pocket, and the classic zip-up hoddie.

Don't mind how skinny I look in these photos... I've since been doing Crossfit (more about that later!) and I've had a baby! (I'm a little behind, I know I know...) <3

If you've made any version of the Halifax, I'd love to see! Link it in the comments below or tag me on instagram! @tmcreates

(Photo cred to the amazing Annie)

Happy sewing!

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