Petite Stitchery & Co - Sweet Tea

Petite Stitchery & Co has been releasing new patterns like crazy! It's ridiculous and awesome all at the same time. The designers must be super busy! I just discovered them a few months back (they don't have a super huge following compared to some other pattern companies but they have some really really cute patterns!) and was able to join their group of testers. Testing patterns is a slightly stressful but really fun experience. (Probably more stressful for the designer!) 

Petite Stitchery & Co tends to release patterns on Thursday and this Thursday they are releasing seven new patterns! I had the opportunity to test the new Women's Sweet Tea. I am super excited for this! It's a swing dress & top with a modest cold shoulder (that's right, it covers garments and can be easily modified for the sleeve opening to be a little bit lower! Hooray for modest LDS sewing!), bottom of the sleeves tying in a bow and it comes in sizes XS-3X and three sleeve lengths. #swoon! You can check out the rest of their patterns here!

Here is my pretty little Sweet Tea Dress. Photo cred to my good friend Annie (I make her take all my pictures! <3) Don't mind my crazy hair in some of the photos. It just happened to be super windy the whole weekend! Which isn't the greatest for a swing dress!

Remember, if you make one of these beauts, please link it in the comments below so I can see! Or tag me on instagram! @tmcreates

Tip! When you are sewing the sleeve, it makes it a million times easier if you can get really close to the edge of the previous stitch line. This took me a few tries before I figured it out. (Light bulb moment!) I kept trying to keep the seam allowance instead of trying to get super close to the edge. But this makes it turn so nicely! I sew the V with my sewing machine first and then stitch the rest of the sleeve up with my serger. Trim more if you need to. :)


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